Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies

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  • About Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies
  • Gulmen Digital Machinery and Supplies, offer a range of digital label R2R 210 reel to reel and sheet printing CMYK including White toner. The White can be installed into the black position or the Cyan position providing the option of printing first or last. Our Toner based OKI LED technology produce vibrant colours, includes software rip, colour managment, Reel to Reel format or in sheets. Digital finishing equipment are as important as a printer. The solution to digital print and finish is a total package! The Model GE DLD Knife Plotter Cutter is a digital to cut solution good speed any shape or size and the DDLF semi rotary mode high speed Slit count and finish off labels all in one. Come and see our products - Show Room In Melbourne.