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  • + LexJet Introduces In-House Digital Label Printer and Cutter

    LexJet, a subsidiary of S-One Holdings Corporation, has launched a new printer and die cutter that allows cannabis brand..

    17 August 2021

    LexJet, a subsidiary of S-One Holdings Corporation, has launched a new printer and die cutter that allows cannabis brands to print high-quality labels in house.

    The RP530 and RP530W printers, manufactured by IntoPrint and sold under LexJet, allow for premium digital label printing in full CMYK, or CMYK+White.

    The RF8510 die cutter seamlessly finishes label jobs, and can laminate, die cut, strip, slit, and rewind. The machine uses plotting technology to cut labels into any shape.

    These machines are an ideal investment for cannabis brands who are looking for the flexibility of variable print and on-demand label production.

    These print and finishing solutions allow brands to print variable data, remove production delays, reduce inventory, and lower print costs by bringing label production in house. Due to the ever-changing nature of cannabis regulations, business owners can seamlessly change artwork files as regulations change.

    With the solutions from LexJet and IntoPrint, there are no more costly reprints, high minimum order quantities, or warehouse shelves filled with non-complaint labels. Cannabis business owners can simply print the exact quantity they need when they need it.

    For more information, or to get started on in-house label production, visit 

  • + Epson commits to the global future of inkjet printing solutions

    As more and more printing moves away from laser-based solutions due to their excessive cost, waste and energy usage, Eps..

    17 August 2021

    As more and more printing moves away from laser-based solutions due to their excessive cost, waste and energy usage, Epson has committed to inkjet solutions powered by its unique PrecisionCore™ technology as the future of printing for home, enterprise, office, large format and industrial applications.

    Epson Australia GM marketing, Bruce Bealby explained, “Epson’s inkjet printing technology is increasingly the technology of choice in many areas and most recently in enterprise and office printing environments. As we all know there are always many variations on a theme as far as technology is concerned and inkjet technology is no different. Epson has seen continued and consistent growth in our enterprise and office Heat-Free inkjet solutions powered by our unique PrecisionCore™ technology and have committed to it, globally, as the future of office printing.”
    The main reasons for this are simple and straightforward. Epson PrecisionCore™ inkjet solutions are scalable and so can be used across the board from entry level office printers right up to industrial large format printers and enterprise office printers.
    Epson PrecisionCore™ printers use fewer moving parts than traditional laser technology, which makes them inherently more reliable and that is particularly important when printers and copiers are such an important part of time-sensitive business processes. Fewer moving parts also drive down production and service costs.
    In addition, Epson’s PrecisionCore™ inkjet solutions, high-yield inks and low running costs are particularly relevant and significant in office environments where costs are tightly controlled.
    Bealby added, “It’s also worth noting that not only can Epson PrecisionCore™ enterprise and office printers provide businesses with a more affordable option for high-speed, high-volume printing but they are also the ideal replacement for toner-based, energy-hungry laser printers.”
    As far as the environment is concerned Epson’s Heat-Free Technology uses far less – often up to 94% less* – power than comparable laser printers, which benefits the planet and results in lower energy bills for the office. This point is currently being highlighted by Epson and National Geographic in their Global “Turn Down the Heat” campaign.

    The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the Earth. As its permafrost ice melts, powerful methane greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, which speeds up global warming in an increasingly destructive cycle. Professor Katey Walter Anthony is an Arctic researcher and National Geographic Explorer, and her work has helped to reveal that Arctic lakes are emitting five times more methane than previously thought.
    To make copies of maps and data from her field research, Katey uses Epson’s innovative inkjet printers. Not only does their Heat-Free Technology save as much as 94% of the energy used by comparable traditional laser printers, they also don’t require heat to warm up like laser printers, which means even greater energy and cost savings.
    Katey explains, “The Arctic is literally melting before our eyes, and what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. It affects the entire planet. Heat destroys permafrost and when we choose to use heat free technology, we lower our energy consumption which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slows permafrost thaw. The environmental burden from manufacturing and recycling spare parts is also reduced, as Heat-Free Technology uses fewer consumables and parts that need replacing.”
    As much of the industrialised world strives to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, these innate energy savings brought by Heat-Free technology can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of printing solutions.
    Bruce Bealby concluded, “The feedback we consistently get from the market is that inkjet technology continues to be the dominant technology in many areas including large format, commercial, and industrial; however, as far as Epson and our customers are concerned it also continues to excel and significantly grow in popularity in the enterprise and office spaces. It is worth acknowledging again that not all inkjet-based technologies are created equal but those that have the right balance between, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and lower cost will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.”

  • + BREAKING NEWS: Visual Impact Expo Postponed

    The PacPrint Board has today announced that, due to ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID outbreaks around the coun..

    12 August 2021

    The PacPrint Board has today announced that, due to ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID outbreaks around the country, Visual Impact Expo, PacPrint 2021 and the Label & Packaging Expo, have been postponed until the middle of 2022.

    Visual Impact Melbourne was due to open at the end of September, however with the current situation in Sydney and, to a lesser extent, Melbourne, Queensland and South Australia, Chair of the Board Sue Threlfo says the decision became ‘inevitable’.

    “The past couple of weeks has demonstrated that, unfortunately, this pandemic is far from over. Realistically, we have come to accept that restrictions will continue to apply for some weeks and perhaps months to come, which may impact not only on the venue arrangements, but on the ability of our exhibitors to properly prepare their stands.

    “We’ve been in constant discussions with the MCEC and with Austrade, and the owners of the shows Visual Connections Australia and the Print & Visual Communications Association (PVCA), as the situation has evolved.

    “We are all in agreement that the increasing uncertainty for our exhibitors and visitors has become untenable, so we have made the exceptionally difficult decision to postpone the expo until 2022.

    “The exhibitors are supportive of this decision and have indicated their commitment to the show remains unchanged.”

    The new dates – the first available at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for next year – will be June 28 – July 1, 2022.

    The latest information, floor plans, exhibitor details and more will continue to be available on the PacPrint website,

  • + Kornit Digital acquires Voxel8, expanding additive manufacturing technology portfolio

    Voxel8 has been acquired by Kornit Digital, a textile manufacturing company specialising in on-demand textile production..

    12 August 2021

    Voxel8 has been acquired by Kornit Digital, a textile manufacturing company specialising in on-demand textile production, where digital printing is applied to textiles. The Israeli firm has revenues of $179 million and over 400 staff.

    Voxel8 was founded as a Harvard spinout from Professor Jennifer Lewis‘ Lab. Initially an electronics 3D printer manufacturer, the company looked to footwear and fabric 3D printing. The firm launched in 2014 and has since received over $12 million in funding, got money from In-Q-tel, changed CEOs, as well as direction, and made items for Hush Puppy and other fashion-related accessories.

    “Voxel8’s innovative technologies and talent will help us accelerate the execution of our 4.0 strategy to digitise sustainable, on-demand textile production. With this advanced and proven 3D technology, we will disrupt the business of fashion, empowering completely new creative decorative concepts and never-before-seen functional textile applications, while exploring new lucrative opportunities in the functional apparel and footwear markets,” stated Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital Chief Executive Officer.

    Kornit was already moving towards the 3D printing realm, just recently announcing its MAX technology that can make 3D printed surfaces atop of textiles. So, the tie up seems like it is a logical one that could very well be beneficial to Kornit shareholders.

    “Voxel8 offers direct 3D print-on-part capabilities, advanced design software that can be easily integrated with any production floor software workflow, and versatile chemistry enabling on-the-fly formulation of high-performance elastomers to change the material properties of the resulting printed structures by multiple orders of magnitude. This means reflective, high-density, silicone and metallics, as well as compression elements for sports and therapeutics, protection elements like cushioning and impact resistance, and functionality applications like anti-slip, waterproofing, and other qualities combining form and function that are key to Kornit’s vision of digitizing production in every conceivable manner,” said Kobi Mann, Kornit Digital Chief Technology Officer.

    “Voxel8’s innovative and sustainable technology—tested by some of the world’s leading global fashion and footwear brands, such as Hush Puppies, which is part of Wolverine Worldwide, enables the digital creation of unique decorative and functional applications, while eliminating time and waste from the manufacturing process. Voxel8 shares Kornit’s vision of transforming the textile industry and couldn’t be more excited to be part of the journey to build the operating system of sustainable fashion on demand,” said Fred von Gottberg, Voxel8’s CEO.

  • + Sign Essential Celebrates 30years

    Sign Essentials is proud to be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. From humble beginnings in the back of a garage..

    10 August 2021

    Sign Essentials is proud to be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021.  From humble beginnings in the back of a garage north of Brisbane, Sign Essentials has grown to be one of Australia's leading industry suppliers. Now located in a modern 2,000 square metre warehouse and office complex in Geebung, the business has come a long way and there’s plenty more ahead! 

    The world has changed a lot in the last 30 years.  At the beginning everything was done by phone, fax and in person, but now a lot of business is conducted through the Sign Essentials website, by email and by SMS.  Importantly, the company makes sure to keep talking to customers as well! “We’d like to thank all our customers for the many years of support” says Helen Harding, Office Manager.  “Whether they have been with us for the full 30 years, or they have met us more recently, we appreciate their business and hope to continue the relationships!” 

    Integral to Sign Essentials success is having the right people and placing them in the right roles.  “Finding good people is critical to servicing our customers” says Sean Strange, General Manager. “We are very fortunate that a high proportion of our staff have been with the company for over 10 years. When we find good people, we like to hang onto them.  However, with recent expansion we’ve also added some exciting new talent who we’re confident will develop and continue the Sign Essentials’ tradition of prioritising Customer Support”. 

    Supplier relationships have been vital to ensuring the company has the right products to offer and is also able to maintain ongoing support levels to end-users.  Some of the key brands in the Sign Essentials portfolio include: 
    • Roland DG Printers and Cutters (Since 1992)
    • SignLab Signmaking Software (Since 1992)  
    • Impact CNC Routers (Since 2011)  
    • Siser Heat Transfer Films (Since 2012)
    • Impact CNC Lasers (since 2014)
    • Grafityp Self Adhesive Films (Since 2016) 
    • Lamidesk Flatbed Applicators (Since 2015)
    • iECHO Flatbed Cutters (Since 2017)
    • Mimaki Printers and Cutters (Since 2018)

    While 2021 marks a special milestone for Sign Essentials and a chance to look back on 30 years, it’s also important to keep moving forward.  In the coming days, weeks and months a number of product upgrades and new models will be introduced.  Some of the highlights include:

    Lamidesk – the new Lamidesk SuperSpeed has been announced.  The SuperSpeed will replace the popular EasyShift motorised model and features a variable-speed control and preset positions.  These features will make application even faster and easier.  SuperSpeed is due around October.

    Impact CNC Routers – VAS (Video Alignment System) and oscillating knife functions will soon be available as an optional add-on when purchasing the Thunder router.  VAS will allow for fast, accurate print/cut registration by utilising a camera and advanced controller technology to align.  The oscillating knife will enable operators to cut a wider range of materials including foam, cardboard, fabrics and more.  Arriving in September.

    Impact CNC Lasers – The second-generation Lightning CO2 lasers have just arrived.  They feature an enhanced bearing system and new lens holder system to improve performance, plus a number of design improvements to reduce the machine footprint.  In stock now.

    Along with the products above it would be expected that the likes of Roland DG and Mimaki will have new offerings in the later part of the year, although nothing is announced yet.  As always, Sign Essentials will be at the forefront with those and is looking forward towards 2022 and beyond.  

  • + Alex Bloch joins Currie Group as Specialist – Sign & Display

    Currie Group bolsters their wide format service expertise with the hiring of industry specialist Alex Bloch. Alex B..

    10 August 2021

    Currie Group bolsters their wide format service expertise with the hiring of industry specialist Alex Bloch.

    Alex Bloch is a service specialist and product manager with over 10 years’ experience in the wide format digital printing industry.  Before making the move to Australia, Alex gained his experience in Israel with both HP Scitex and EFI (Matan) where he worked across several technical roles within R&D for the respective organisations.  Since arriving in Australia two years ago, Alex has been working as a technical specialist for EFI in Australia.

    Most recently Alex has completed his Fiery proServer & XF Expert Certification.  Alex now has the capability to setup and train users on how to extract all the valuable colour toolset features that will optimise their workflow.  Fiery XF is a leading digital front-end that drives both EFI and non EFI printers and cutters.

    Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to an already strong Currie Group ANZ service team.  With the addition of the EFI wide format portfolio to Currie Group’s product offering, the ANZ service teams have ramped up their training.  With wide format coverage across each State, Alex’s domain knowledge and the backup of EFI, customers can be assured that they will experience the premium service the market has come to expect from Currie Group.


    Contra Vision are proud to present a great value product that makes signs stand out both day and night. Contra Vision&re..

    10 August 2021

    Contra Vision are proud to present a great value product that makes signs stand out both day and night. Contra Vision® Performance™ Black Perforated Film in 20% transparency is a black on black perforated film intended for the production of dual-colour back-lit signage.
    The film is applied to the outside surface of built-up channel letters and during the day, when it is not backlit, the letters appear black. When the sign is backlit at night, it takes on the colour of the translucent sign face used.
    Already this product has been used successfully by sign makers based predominantly in the USA but with increasing use in other countries. Recently, it was used by Rainbow Signs and Maintenance, who are based in Northern Ireland, on the Carryduff Community Church sign and the installation has been met with a great response.
    Gavin, Lead Pastor at Carryduff Community Church said of the response to the sign,

    “We love the sign and have had a number of very positive remarks about it from the general public as well as the folks who attend the church.”

    This 20% transparency film gives greater night-time light output than other lower transparency products currently available on the market. This means signage will stand-out to passers-by due to its vibrancy.
    Alternatively, we offer a white on black perforated window film in 20% transparency which can be printed to produce channel lettering that is coloured by day and white at night.

  • + Epson wins multiple BLI Summer 2021 Hardware Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence

    Epson has won multiple BLI Summer 2021 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence including the A4 Outstanding Personal Colo..

    10 August 2021

    Epson has won multiple BLI Summer 2021 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence including the A4 Outstanding Personal Colour Inkjet All-in-One Pick for the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5100 Series, namely their ET-5150 and ET-5170 models, the Outstanding Mid-Volume Workgroup Scanner Pick for the Epson WorkForce DS-530 II and the Outstanding Scanner for Accounting for their RapidReceipt RR-600W.

    Kaitlin Shaw, associate director of A4 hardware at Keypoint Intelligence, said, “The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5100 Series offer low-volume environments strong performance and impressive usability. Thanks to a cartridge-free ink tank system that includes up to two years of ink in the box, total cost of ownership is significantly lower than the average of competitive models. Flawless reliability, strong user-friendliness, and a low user intervention rate means users will have more time for the most important tasks. Flexible mobile and cloud support make it easy and convenient for users to print and scan no matter where they are. Our lab technicians were also impressed with how vivid and consistent the devices’ colour output was.”

    “The Epson DS-530 II was outstanding during Keypoint Intelligence’s suite of scanner testing, with perfect reliability and it made easy work of our OCR testing,” said Len Wolak, senior test technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “We were also impressed by how easy it is to operate the device, as job profiles can be created to streamline recurring scan workflows so users can kick-off entire workflows with a few clicks.”

    “The Epson DS-530 II is the ideal scanner for workgroups that want to optimise business processes where paper documents meet digital processes,” said Lee Davis, associate director of software/scanners. “Users can convert paper documents into fully searchable, editable files like Microsoft Word or searchable PDF, extract OCR/barcode information directly from the page and route documents to where they’re needed next. The device also features some media handling capabilities that aren’t available on other devices in its class. For example, slow mode can be used to accommodate delicate originals, preserving the integrity of originals and eliminating the need for a bulky flatbed scanner attachment.”

    “The RapidReceipt RR-600W provides accountants with everything they need to automate data entry processes,” said Lee Davis. “Bundled with Epson ScanSmart Accounting Edition, the device can ‘read’ invoices and receipts, extract specific accounting data (like the invoice total amount) and export it to Excel, QuickBooks, TurboTax and more.”
    “Operating the Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W is very simple,” said Len Wolak. “Users have access to their preconfigured single-touch job buttons directly from the device’s 4.3” colour touchscreen, so they can kick-off entire workflows with a few swipes and taps. And not only does the device reduce the amount of time accountants spend on data entry tasks, but it also eliminates the little clerical mistakes that can transform into huge problems.”
    Buyers Lab Picks stand alone in the industry and are hard-earned awards as they are based on rigorous testing, including an extensive durability assessment and evaluation of key attributes such as usability, image quality, and value. Each product that passes its lab test earns the Highly Recommended or Recommended Seal and a Certificate of Reliability, with the best performers qualifying as Pick contenders.

  • + Roland DG Adds New Dates for Successful Academy Online Training

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced two new ..

    10 August 2021

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced two new rounds of 2021 training for the company’s popular Roland Academy Online courses.

    Due to high demand and a number of sold-out sessions, two rounds of Roland Academy Online training dates have been added for August through to October. Delivered online by expert Roland DG trainers in a small group setting, the 1 to 2-hour sessions continue to receive great feedback from attendees. Chris from Exhibit Images, who attended training in May, said: "Roland DG's online courses are invaluable for the most up-to-date information and updates to VersaWorks. They are a great forum to ask questions in a peer group setting." Steph at Grimshaw Signs said after her 3 training courses in April: "Everything was run really well. [The trainer] spoke great and helped with any questions we had - whether they were off topic or not... everything was clear and made sense." 

    Tickets have been added for the following sessions, and are now available to purchase online: 

    Session 1 – Basics 
    Date: Tuesday, August 24 and Tuesday, September 28 
    Time: 10:00am AEDT 
    Duration: 120 mins 
    Price: $49 inc GST 

    Session 2 – Advanced Features: Cutting 
    Date: Tuesday, August 31 and Tuesday, October 5 
    Time: 10:00am AEDT 
    Duration: 120 mins 
    Price: $49 inc GST 

    Session 3 – Advanced Features: Understanding Colour 
    Date: Tuesday, September 7 and Tuesday, October 12 
    Time: 10:00am AEDT 
    Duration: 90 mins 
    Price: $39 inc GST 

    Session 4 – Advanced Features: Understanding Profiles 
    Date: Tuesday, September 14 and Tuesday, October 19 
    Time: 10:00am AEDT 
    Duration: 60 mins 
    Price: $29 inc GST 

    Session 5 – UV Features and Functions 
    Date: Tuesday, September 21 and Tuesday, October 26 
    Time: 10:00am AEDT 
    Duration: 120 mins 
    Price: $49 inc GST 

    Places are strictly limited to 8 people per class, so attendees will need to get in quick to secure their spot. For more information, and booking details, go to:

  • + Packaging and labelling lead times slashed for brands with Esko content management solution

    Content Management in WebCenter from Esko is making significant time and cost savings for brands, with one multinational..

    03 August 2021

    Content Management in WebCenter from Esko is making significant time and cost savings for brands, with one multinational customer reducing its end-to-end labelling lead time from 14 weeks to just 14 days with structured content.

    As a result of the global pandemic, consumers now place significantly more value on food safety and hygiene, according to McKinsey1. As brands adapt their packaging and labelling to meet changing regulations and legislation, it’s essential that speed to market must not come at the cost of accuracy to maintain consumer trust and confidence.

    Matthew Haws, vice president global marketing at Esko Brand Solutions, said: “In reality, many businesses are still working with disconnected processes, which is a real minefield when it comes to approvals. In the case of heavily legislated industries, such as pharmaceuticals for example, it slows lead times down if multiple stakeholders are struggling to track various versions of both content and artwork for approval.”

    The content management function of Esko workflow management software, WebCenter, which includes both packaging and structured elements, makes it simple for teams to specify, manage and reuse content to be used in artwork designs by connecting content and workflow directly in the artwork creation process.

    “This single source of truth helps brands to navigate the complexities of managing content when creating and marketing consumer products,” continues Haws. “Enhanced efficiency, faster lead times, and improved quality can be planned into one central process.”

    WebCenter structured content coordinates regulatory efforts company-wide, including affiliates and partners within a single system tightly integrated with label and packaging departments. Through collaborative editing and improved traceability, brand teams can re-use approved content for labels, IFUs, and leaflets with complete confidence.

    When every element that makes up a label or pack on a consumer product must be created and approved at a rapid pace, the ability to manage the creation and approval of everything down to barcodes and symbols, in one system, ensures that packaging and labels are compliant and error-free.

    “Eliminating error-prone manual processes and increasing efficiency by automatically feeding content into artwork is invaluable when accuracy is essential to maintaining brand trust. The influencer effect had already established consumer confidence in brands as a major factor in the purchasing decision. The pandemic has heightened the need for brands to maintain consumer confidence as a powerful marketing tool.”

  • + Epson launches RapidReceipt RR-600W for small and home offices

    To help ease the burden on small businesses, gig workers and consumers, Epson has launched the new RapidReceipt® RR-..

    03 August 2021

    To help ease the burden on small businesses, gig workers and consumers, Epson has launched the new RapidReceipt® RR-600W fast, easy and smart receipt and document scanning solution.

    There is no denying how organising and managing financial information can be overwhelming, especially with the sheer amount of receipts, invoices, expenses, and critical paperwork that most small and home offices accumulate. It is very easy for documents to pile up, and the arduous task of manually processing each one can be time-consuming and cumbersome. The result is often data-entry errors and the risk of lost data, ultimately costing businesses valuable time and money.

    RapidReceipt is the only solution in the market specifically designed for organising and managing receipts and invoices. Perfect for small business owners, office managers, road warriors, field-based workers, consultants and gig economy workers who often wear multiple hats and are short on time and resources. RapidReceipt with receipt and invoice management software is a simple, cost-effective and time-saving financial management solution.
    With Epson's leading technology and success in the scanning market, the company focused its expertise on delivering a unique scanning solution to help alleviate their common pain points. Developed with very small and nimble businesses in mind, RapidReceipt is the ultimate organised digital filing cabinet that enables easy financial document management of all types of information with incredible efficiency.
    The RapidReceipt scanner includes Epson ScanSmart® Accounting Edition software, which converts stacks of unorganised receipts and invoices into actionable digital data. Small business owners and consumers can finally say goodbye to manually entering data because RapidReceipt software accurately extracts and organises data from receipts and invoices, and seamlessly integrates into Excel® spreadsheets or third-party applications such as MYOB®, XERO®, and more. Users can also scan directly to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive™ and OneDrive.1
    A well-planned organising system can make financial management much easier, so Epson engineered RapidReceipt scanners with speed, image quality, efficiency, and low cost in mind. The RapidReceipt RR-600W wireless, desktop scanner is built for productivity, capturing both sides of a document in one pass with blazing speeds as fast as 35 ppm/70 ipm.2 
    It features a robust 100-page Auto Document Feeder accommodating stacks of paper of varying sizes and includes an intuitive 4.3" touchscreen and convenient USB port so users can scan directly to a USB memory drive without a computer.
    The RR-600W also includes a TWAIN driver for easy integration to most document management software and includes Kofax® Power PDF® for Windows® and PDF Converter for Mac® to allow users to simply create searchable and editable PDFs, at no extra cost.
    With  NewSoft® Presto! BizCard® software included with the RapidReceipt RR-600W, users can easily scan business cards and manage contact information.
    Epson scanners deliver amazing image quality and intelligent image adjustments with automatic cropping, blank page deletion, background removal, dirt detection, paper skew correction, and staple protection capabilities so users can scan worry-free.
    The Epson RapidReceipt RR-600W desktop scanner is available now for an RRP of AUD$699 from Epson Australia by going to: and from all authorised Epson resellers.
    1. Internet connection required for some applications.
    2. Based on letter-sized scans at 300 dpi in Black-and-White, Grayscale or Colour Mode, using the USB interface.

  • + swissQprint Highlights Neon in UV Printing

    Following its recent launch of neon inks for UV printing, swissQprint now highlights the scope that these fluorescent co..

    27 July 2021

    Following its recent launch of neon inks for UV printing, swissQprint now highlights the scope that these fluorescent colours open up. With just two inks, four striking colour variants are possible – Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange.

    Following its recent launch of neon inks for UV printing, swissQprint now highlights the scope that these fluorescent colours open up. With just two inks, four striking colour variants are possible – Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange – as well as countless applications.

    Neon inks for UV printing are the latest craze in the swissQprint ink portfolio. The colours available: Neon Pink and Neon Yellow. They glow in daylight and are fluorescent in black light. And yet more colour variants are possible in the mix: Neon Green and Neon Orange. No matter what the message is, people are bound to notice it.

    Theme worlds with a difference

    swissQprint describes the application areas as follows: "Neon is ideal for event, exhibition, art and theme worlds, and it's the key to truly dazzling promotions." The range of potential indoor applications includes posters, ceiling hangers and POS displays, information and guidance systems, trade fair and event concepts including wristbands, safety notices or campaign signage, and more besides.

    Can be retrofitted
    Neon inks are available for all swissQprint flatbed and roll to roll printer models with UV-LED curing. They can be retrofitted at any time, especially as swissQprint systems have nine freely configurable colour channels. Advice and sales via the worldwide network of swissQprint dealers.

  • + Roland DG Australia Announces New Roland DG Connect App

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today launched Roland DG Conn..

    27 July 2021

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today launched Roland DG Connect, an app that allows users to gain a detailed understanding of their overall print operations and access essential data for keeping their devices running at their optimum performance. Free to new and existing Roland DG owners, the new app is currently available for use with all TrueVIS™ series printers and printer cutters.

    Roland DG Connect provides instant access to key performance data, and allows the user to monitor device activity and increase print production efficiency. The app features an easy-to-understand colour-coded dashboard that provides an instant view of statistics like ink usage per cartridge, while also showing a printing volume timeline for periods of up to 30 days. Additionally, it displays crucial information for optimising the health of your printer, such as print head manual cleaning frequency, wiper life status, and levels of liquid waste – data that helps keep your printer running in top condition, minimising downtime and maintenance. In addition, Roland DG Connect provides instant alerts that help you avoid any costly productivity issues, as well as notifications that let you know when firmware updates are needed or if inks are in need of replenishment. Colour-coded views make it simple to monitor ink consumption per cartridge, so you can effectively plan your ink usage and budget. 

    Users will also appreciate the helpful reporting and accessibility information the Roland DG Connect App offers. A built-in Job Log lets you review up to 30 days of print production on one or more connected devices, while an Error Log delivers machine alerts, including instant notifications on "feed motor errors" or "print finish activity." 

    Other Roland DG Connect features include easy access to product documentation, user guides, and support materials for Roland DG printers, plus a function that allows users to instantly view their device warranties and expiration dates for added peace of mind. 

    "At Roland DG Australia, we want to ensure that our customers not only have the highest quality printers available for their specific needs, but also cutting-edge tools that maximise performance and extend the life of their machines," said Greg Stone, Product and Marketing Manager at Roland DG Australia. "The new Roland DG Connect App allows Roland DG end users to monitor their printers in real time, keep them operating at the highest level, and take their production with them wherever they go." 

    Greg also points out that the Roland DG Connect App is dynamic and will grow more robust over time. "We will be enhancing the app continuously, incorporating additional features and functionality that will make life increasingly easier for users," he added. 

    TrueVIS owners can get started with Roland DG Connect by first registering online at the Roland DG Connect page, and then downloading the app, at the following link:

  • + Epson launches new Minilab for photographers, photo print providers and photo merchandise manufacturers

    SureLab D1060 offers fast, high-quality photo printing with flexible production and a reduced total cost of ownership ..

    20 July 2021

    SureLab D1060 offers fast, high-quality photo printing with flexible production and a reduced total cost of ownership

    As demand for small-format photos continues to grow, businesses are looking for a cost-effective way to deliver quality prints quickly and cost effectively. To meet that need, Epson has launched the SureLab® D1060. This new DryLab printer has been built to address a range of customers from wedding and event photography, to retail in-store ad-hoc printing, to back-office print houses.
    It offers a more compact footprint with reduced noise, lower heat output, as well as a range of new features to suit retail and in-house photo production. It also has a faster print speed and a super-fast one-off print mode for event applications.
    A new ink system is combined with more flexible networking and an extended print life for those involved with on-demand and back-office print production. Complementing all of this is a new duplex unit that enables automatic double-sided borderless printing for photobook and photo merchandise production. 1

    “High-quality, small-format photo printing is more popular than ever. Whether you have a high-end digital camera or the latest smartphone with megapixel imaging capability, there is nothing visceral quite like a tangible printed photo of a treasured moment. People want to put photos in their family albums, on the desk and up on the wall. Moments in time are fleeting and special. There is nothing like having a memento there in front of you as a reminder of what’s truly important,” said Gordon Kerr, Business Marketing Manager, Large Format, Epson Australia, “Epson has always produced great photo printers. The SureLab D1060 is a leap forward in terms of flexibility, productivity and durability. Never before has it been easier or more cost-effective to produce quality photo prints.”
    The new SureLab D1060 delivers print speeds of up to 460 6”x4” photos per hour.1 It is up to 10 percent faster than the previous generation, and the new 15 second one-off print mode is set to be a boon for photo studios and event work.2
    Leveraging an enhanced 6-channel MicroPiezo® printhead and vivid UltraChrome® D6r-S dye-based ink technology, the printer can accurately reproduce subtle tones in portrait photos with smooth transitions and crisp, sharp details. When coupled with compatible Epson genuine photo media, prints are water, smudge and fade resistant.3  

    For improved productivity, the SureLab D1060 features a high-capacity ink system that uses 250ml bags that are cost-effective to purchase, compact to store, and crushable for reduced waste.
    For single-sided printing, the machine uses large 65m roll-based media that is available in widths from 3.5”-210mm (A4) in a range of media weights and finishes.
    The optional duplex tray uses double-sided sheet media, that is available in sizes from A5, up to 210x210mm. Operation is made simple and flexible care of an integrated control panel and bundled Epson OrderController Lite software.4 Flexible USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfacing makes connectivity easier while the reduced footprint and heat output makes the machine perfect for kiosk-based operations.5
    One of the key design features of the SL-D1060 is its reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Not only has it been designed to offer worry-free operation with minimum maintenance, but it features double the print life of its predecessor.1 It comes with a comprehensive ‘heads-and-all’ on-site warranty that can be extended with CoverPlus for up to five years.
    In Australia the printer will be offered in two configurations: base unit only, or base unit plus duplex. The duplex unit will also be available as an option for those who wish to purchase it later.
    Additional features include:

    • New Ink System – UltraChrome D6r-S ink in high-capacity 250ml packs deliver better prints with finer gradation and a wider colour gamut, while reducing cost and waste.
    • Flexible Operation – Integrated output tray and waste bin. Integrated LCD panel for direct control, as well as an upgraded driver for desktop management (Windows & Mac OS compatible).  Supports Epson’s new Cloud Solution PORT service for remote monitoring and analysis. This allows access from a web-based interface in the office, from home, and from a mobile device when on the move.
    • Reduced Cost – Supplied complete with an ink set, sample media and a copy of Order Controller Lite. Features a 400,000 print life and backed with a comprehensive on-site warranty, with a CoverPlus solution for coverage up to 5 years.
    • Flexible Integration – Reduced 80W power consumption, and only 1.2W when in sleep. Connect easily to printer over Wi-Fi®, Ethernet or USB using redesigned printer driver for Windows® and Mac®
    • Small Footprint – Compact Simplex size (466 x 374 x 340cm), Duplex size (466 x 438 x 423cm), with a reduced heat output to suit desktop and kiosk operation.
    • Versatile Output – Designed to use Epson media that is available in a wide range of roll and single/double-sided sheet configurations, with gloss or luster finishes. Supports production of prints with a border and borderless. Panoramic prints can be produced up to 1000mm long on single-sided roll media. 5
    • Built for Reliable Operation – Requires minimum maintenance and features new ink-less nozzle detection and alignment technology. 
    Pricing and Availability
    The SureLab D1060 is expected to be available from November 2021 in Australia. A base printer with 5 year CoverPlus is expected to cost $6,995 (RRP ex GST), while the version with the duplex unit is expected to cost $7,995 (RRP ex GST). The duplex unit will also be available separately for $995 ex GST.  
    1 When compared to the Epson SureLab D860
    2 Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Customers are recommended to view the relevant Epson product page for latest details. Total throughput time for any print depends on various factors including workstation configuration, file size, print resolution, ink coverage and networking. Actual print speeds will vary.
    3 Epson does not provide any guarantee or warranty on print durability
    4 This printer ships with the ‘Lite’ version of Order Controller. The full version can be ordered separately at additional expense.
    5 This printer is designed for use with nominated Epson genuine ink and media consumables only.  Use of alternatives is likely to result in print quality and reliability issues that invalidate warranty and CoverPlus.

  • + LIA NSW pleased to announce the standing committee.

    LIA NSW held their AGM and are pleased to announce the standing committee. The president Angus Scott thanked the m..

    20 July 2021

    LIA NSW held their AGM and are pleased to announce the standing committee.
    The president Angus Scott thanked the members, Industry and the committee for their continued support. It was noted that even in such challenging times several successful networking, plant visits and graduate of the year nomination processes were possible and well received.
    The committee are committed to delivering more quality events in the year ahead.  
    Office Holders:

    Angus Scott – President

    Peter Munro -  Vice President

    Mike Williams – Secretary / Treasurer

    Committee members:

    Warwick Roden

    Grant Churchill

    Ray Berwick

    Mitch Mulligan

  • + Roland DG Launches New CAMM-1 GR2 Series Vinyl Cutters to Expand Your Business

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced the ad..

    20 July 2021

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced the addition of the new GR2-640 and GR2-540 64” and 54” vinyl cutters to its CAMM-1 series.

    The CAMM-1 series is capable of cutting almost any shape quickly and cleanly from a broad range of sheet and film materials that range from thin automotive window films and heat-transfer sheets to thick reflective sheets and sandblast masks. Applications include signs, automotive window film, vehicle wraps, sports apparel and more. According to Kevin Shigenoya, Vice President, Digital Printing Business Division, “Our vinyl cutters are often used in combination with our large format inkjet printers for printing and then cutting colourful graphics into unique shapes for stickers, labels and various store decorations and, more recently, for making social distancing signs to assist with preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

    The newly announced GR2-640 and GR2-540 are an ideal balance between affordable pricing and superior cutting performance, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with large format inkjet printers. With a maximum cutting speed of 1,530 mm/s, a maximum downforce of 600 gf and smooth media feeding, the GR2 Series achieves the precision cutting quality and high-volume productivity required by professional users.

    One of the key features of the GR2 Series, according to Shigenoya, is that the cutters pair smoothly with Roland DG’s large format inkjet printers and use the same VersaWorks 6 RIP software for seamless Print-then-Cut production. Contour lines can be added and crop marks generated automatically to imported printing data in VersaWorks 6, to ensure the outlines of graphics are cut accurately, eliminating the need for users to switch back to Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW® or other graphics software to complete production. The GR2 Series features a multi-crop mark function for more accurate contour cutting of large print and cut jobs after lamination. It also includes the Roland DG AAS II plug-in software for pairing with other large format inkjet printers.

    Shigenoya said, The GR2 Series combines quality and accuracy making it possible to produce unique and attractive applications efficiently and cost effectively.”

    “There is fierce competition among sign making shops,” he added. “Roland DG is committed to contributing to the development of digital solutions and services aimed at helping our customers explore the bounds of their creativity.”

    To find out more about the GR2 Series, click here.

  • + Trotec Launches Ruby Software and Speedy 400 Run on Ruby

    Trotec Laser has announced the official launch of its Ruby laser software and the new Speedy 400 Run on Ruby — com..

    20 July 2021

    Trotec Laser has announced the official launch of its Ruby laser software and the new Speedy 400 Run on Ruby — combining the most intelligent laser software on the market with the industry’s fastest laser machine, and making the work of every laser user faster and easier than ever.

    Laser software redefined
    Ruby software – whether it’s used with the new Speedy 400 Run on Ruby or a different Speedy laser — includes all the graphics tools that laser users need. You can create graphic, photo and text elements and make adjustments quickly with the integrated workflow. It also allows the direct import of files such as pdf, svg, png, ai, and more. The complicated process of printing out the laser job from the graphics program is no longer necessary.

    Ruby connects all laser machines in one network, locally or remotely. In this way, jobs can be distributed from multiple PCs or Macs to multiple machines. Thanks to the innovative workflow, jobs can be prepared by one user and produced by another, anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, at home or in the workshop.

    Ruby and Speedy 400 become one
    Ruby – the most intelligent laser software and Speedy 400 – the industry’s fastest laser engraver – have become one. The Speedy 400 Run on Ruby includes a touch panel on the machine that makes it possible to operate the laser in the network via Ethernet or WiFi without an additional PC.

    Warren Knipple, President of Trotec Laser, Inc., says that Ruby laser software will offer unprecedented added value for engravers, print shops, manufacturers and schools.

    “The Ruby software is revolutionary because it offers a complete and easy-to-use integrated workflow that accompanies the user from idea to the finished product,” Knipple says. “Ruby offers connected working, direct imports, and eliminates the need to purchase additional design software – which are options that have been in demand for a while. These functionalities can cut time from idea to finished product in half.”

  • + PICA Celebrations Rescheduled

    Printing Industry Creativity Awards around the country will all go ahead over the next few weeks – but a number of..

    13 July 2021

    Printing Industry Creativity Awards around the country will all go ahead over the next few weeks – but a number of dates have had to be changed to cater for changing travel and gathering restrictions.

    Recent flare ups of COVID across the country have led to the postponement of three of the five State events, with presentations in Sydney the latest to be rescheduled. 

    The PICA presentations will now be celebrated as follows:

    • Queensland – Friday 23 July, Tattersalls Club, Brisbane 
    • Western Australia - Saturday 31 July, Crown, Perth.
    • Victoria – Friday 6 August, The Sheraton, Melbourne 
    • South Australia – Thursday 26 August, National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide
    • New South Wales – Friday 17 September, Ovolo, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

    “The PICA presentations, like so many things, have been impacted by travel, border and gathering restrictions and, while we realise it’s frustrating to have arrangements changed, it’s all part of the flexible approach we need to take to ensure events are both safe and successful,” says Walter Kuhn, President of the Print & Visual Communications Association, which hosts the Awards.

    “We are grateful for the persistence and agility of our events team in rescheduling in such a dynamic environment, and for the patience and understanding of the many people who had already reserved their place for the original dates.

    “We’ll continue to monitor the situation across the country closely, but we hope no further changes will be necessary.

    “These will be a wonderful opportunity to unite the industry over food, drinks, entertainment and the celebration of print perfection,” Kuhn adds. “I would warmly encourage anyone who has not yet booked to do so now – all the latest details and booking links are at the website.”

    Go to for all the latest information and to book for each of the State PICA celebrations. Tickets are $120/head with a special PVCA member rate of $100, accessible with the code published on the booking form.

  • + Researchers develop polymer film made from 100% natural ingredients

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge have created a polymer film made from 100% plant protein that requires no c..

    13 July 2021

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge have created a polymer film made from 100% plant protein that requires no chemical additives – and they claim it has comparable functionality to conventional plastics.

    Made entirely from plant protein which can be sourced as a by-product of the agriculture industry, the company that is set to commercialise the solution, Xampla, says that the resulting material can be disposed of in nature after use like any natural waste, leaving no pollutants behind. 

    Importantly, the company also claims that the material’s functionality is consistent with conventional plastic, but it requires no chemical cross-linking used in many bio-polymers to give them the strength and flexibility of plastic. 

    Research, which has been published in the Nature Communications scientific journal, reportedly shows how scientists were able to naturally assemble plant proteins so that the final structure was very similar to spider silk. The researchers say that this “breakthrough” is the first time these structures have been seen in a material that derives from plant protein. 

    Xampla hopes that the technology, which utilises a process involving acetic acid, water, ultrasonication, and heat, can replace single-use plastics including flexible packaging films, sachets, microcapsules found in home and personal care products, and carrier bags. 

    The scientists behind this innovation were inspired by spiders’ silk, which is weight-for-weight stronger than steel but has weak molecular bonds, meaning it can break down easily.  They sought to understand the building blocks of this natural phenomenon, with the aim of creating a material with the same molecular properties.

    Professor Tuomas Knowles, who led the research, said: “One of the key breakthroughs is that we can supply this product on a large scale, and it can replace plastic in very specific applications. We have proved it’s possible to solve the single-use plastics problem.”

    Dr. Marc Rodriguez Garcia, Xampla’s head of research, added: “It’s amazing to realise that a discovery you make in a lab can have a big impact on solving a global problem. That’s essentially why we are doing this – we really love the science, but we also wanted to do something meaningful about solving the overwhelming problem of plastic waste.”

  • + Epson announces first in new series of PrecisionCore printheads

    Epson is expanding its range of PrecisionCore printheads to meet the accelerated shift towards digital printing in the c..

    13 July 2021

    Epson is expanding its range of PrecisionCore printheads to meet the accelerated shift towards digital printing in the commercial and industrial sectors.

    The D3000-A1R is the first in Epson’s new range of printheads that support ink circulation at nozzle level, which increases reliability by reducing nozzle cleaning and capping requirements.

    The printhead can be used either in single colour 1200dpi mode or with two colours at 600-dpi resolution. This combined with high-frequency driving technology enables the D3000-A1R to deliver outstanding image quality and high print speeds comparable to those of existing analogue printers.

    With a 67mm print swathe, the DC300-A1R is easily scalable for wide, high-quality applications such as flexible packaging, labels and décor. Its robust, industrial design means it can be safely handled without causing damage to the printhead nozzles.

    The demand for digital printing with water-based ink has risen in recent years due to a growing requirement to mitigate the environmental impact of printing. The D3000-A1R is well-placed to offer a competitive edge to equipment manufacturers who are keen to address environmental and sustainability concerns.

    Paddy O’Hara, Business Development Manager at Epson Europe, says: “Our new series of water-based ink, nozzle level recirculation printheads demonstrates our commitment to developing technology that contributes to low environmental impact digital printing and the acceleration of inkjet innovation.

    The D3000-A1R builds on the quality and reliability of our industry-leading PrecisionCore technology, adding ultimate flexibility for a wide variety of industrial printing applications. The width and design of the printhead is unique within the industry, allowing for highly scalable configurations in multi-head arrays.”

    Key Features of the D3000-A1R include:

    • 1200-dpi resolution and high-frequency driving

    • Nozzle level recirculation inkjet printheads at 1200 nozzles per inch. Printheads do not require regular ink ejection and head cleaning

    • The printhead can be used either in single colour 1200npi mode or with 2 colours at 600npi per colour

    • 67mm print swathe and robust modular design allows print chips to be easily arrayed in both moving serial printhead and fixed line head configurations

    • Reduced environmental impact

    The D3000-A1R will be available later this year.