• + Yohei Konaka takes the reigns of Konica Minolta Australia

    Yohei Konaka has now officially taken on the role of managing director of Konica Minolta Australia effective immediately..

    01 October 2020

    Yohei Konaka has now officially taken on the role of managing director of Konica Minolta Australia effective immediately, following a delay in his official appointment due to COVID-19. 

    Over the past six months, Yohei Konaka has been working remotely with outgoing managing director Dr David Cooke and the executive team. He has been using this time to understand the Australian market, which has given him a valuable head start on creating a vision for the next 12 months, and beyond. 

    In his 20 years with the company, Yohei Konaka has held appointments in the United States and Canada in sales and strategic planning. Most recently he held a senior role in the Digital Workplace Business at Konica Minolta Inc. in Japan, working on the development of key initiatives to contribute to the company’s digital transformation strategy. 

    Yohei Konaka said, “I look forward to taking on this role and continuing to drive the legacy that Dr David Cooke has left, as well as looking at ways to drive Konica Minolta Australia into the future. There is no doubt that the global pandemic has resulted in a challenging and changing business environment, and it is important for Konica Minolta Australia, and its customers, to consider the way forward from here to ensure success.” 

    Dr David Cooke will stay on for two months in a consultancy role, where he will continue to help Yohei Konaka onboard and meet with employees, customers and partners—where possible face-to-face, and where not possible, virtually—to ensure a smooth transition. 

    Konica Minolta Australia has developed a reputation as a company that cares about its employees, customers and the community, and one that’s deeply committed to ethical leadership and creating societal value. 

    Yohei Konaka said, “Undeniably, an important part of my role will be to continue this ethos in Australia in line with the global position of creating value for customers and society, and the communities in which we operate.” 

  • + Innovative new Esko Trapper scoops 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award

    Esko has scooped a 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award from PRINTING United Alliance, after developing a new prepress tool..

    29 September 2020

    Esko has scooped a 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award from PRINTING United Alliance, after developing a new prepress tool to make trapping jobs up to 70 per cent faster and unerringly accurate.

    As a leading developer of integrated software solutions, Esko has been investing in not just R&D but also customer research to further innovate trapping technology, looking to deliver to the industry better tools to achieve the goal of 100 per cent right first time trapping.

    “We are deeply honored to receive this recognition for the Esko Trapper, which has been received so well by our customers and the industry,” said Frank Woltering, Product Manager Graphic Editing. “PRINTING United Alliance is committed to advancing the graphic arts industry so to be recognised for our efforts in improving trapping to boost accuracy, productivity and efficiency, makes our job worthwhile.

    “Achieving a consistent, aesthetic trapping result with the correct distance, direction or colour you give to a trap, and to make it as least visible as possible, is difficult even for expert prepress operators,” said Frank. “If a job is trapped by 10 different people, then there will be 10 different results. The Esko Trapper is a new trapping product that will help get the job done not only in less time but more importantly also in a much safer way, closing misregister gaps and accommodating individual exceptions to ensure all colleagues in a team can and do achieve exactly the same trap result, delivering a right first time trap file to press.”

    Frank explained that trapping carried out manually can be a very complex. With few global settings consuming task requiring skilled operators, with around 15% of prepress time going into trapping. “While existing instant trapper tools can work on strokes, images and anything within the design, it is still a manual process,” he said. “Not only does this mean the process can take some time, but it also involves risk of operator error, nor can it be used in a workflow, making it difficult to change a global trap setting,” he said. “While currently available trappers can apply standards - rules that can be configured to achieve the same trapping result using a workflow - they are not very flexible on the aesthetic, meaning operators still have to go in and make exceptions.

    “This is why Esko has developed its brand-new trapper - using an object-based approach combined with a colour-based approach. Esko created a new algorithm that can not only judge a trap based on the colour situation, but also based on objects,” said Frank. “Often, modern packaging designs are covered in image data that is masked out by using an alpha channel. These images need to be individually prepared by the prepress professional to accomplish a good trap. But the Esko trapper is taking over this task by artificially adding image data to fill traps into the background. Combining these two improvements gives us a much better first time right when trapping the job automatically.”

    James Workman, vice president of technology and research for PRINTING United Alliance, the largest printing and graphic arts association in the United States, commented that InterTechTM Technology Award judges were impressed with the uniqueness of being able to set exceptions for trapping objects and have that stay with the object even if the design is altered. Some of the judges were surprised, he said, that this level of automation was possible given the complexities of trapping designs.

    “This is not just an improved process of aesthetic trapping, it is designed specifically to design changes maintain exceptions across files,” added Frank Woltering. “This is the very first time this unique functionality has been achieved and is protected across numerous patents.”

    Following an initial phase of pre-release beta testing, the new Esko Trapper was first made available commercially to customers in 2020, within Esko Automation Engine, DeskPack and ArtPro+ 20.0. Supporting the Esko submission, one of the company’s largest customers detailed how the new innovation led to a 70% reduction in the time spent on trapping. “This is the average time saving reported across users, leading to increased productivity, greater throughput and increased efficiency,” said Frank. “The improved accuracy also minimises wastage through errors, in terms of both materials and time.”

    James Workman commended Esko for the award. “The tech-savvy judges have plenty of industry experience and aren’t easily convinced a technology is award-worthy, but were impressed by the innovativeness of Esko Trapper.”

    The InterTech Technology Awards program has been operating since 1978 and honours the development of innovative technologies predicated to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries.

    To find out more about the Esko Trapper, please visit:


    Mutoh Australia has announced the availability of two all-new benchtop UV printers, both with unique braille and raised ..

    29 September 2020

    Mutoh Australia has announced the availability of two all-new benchtop UV printers, both with unique braille and raised effect capability. Local Managing Director Russell Cavenagh says: “The Australian introduction of the XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF UV- LED printers continues to expand Mutoh’s roll-out of the XpertJet platform, with advanced features and enhanced user experience. These models will be popular among users looking to produce trophy & awards, signage and of course braille signage – at which they excel, personalised products, name badges, promotional products, interior décor, packaging prototypes, drinkware and much more.”

    The XPJ-461UF and the XPJ-661UF offer many new features including a new sleek design along with an expanded print area of up to 483mm x 594mm on the XPJ-661UF. Both the XPJ-461 and the XPJ-661 include Mutoh’s innovative and unique UV- LED Lamp ‘Local Dimming Control Technology’ which produces glossy, semi-glossy and matte varnish printing in a single pass simultaneously with colours and / or white printing. This is achieved by using a 2” (50.8mm) LED-UV lamp with six zones that can be individually turned on and off. “This represents a significant productivity increase where mixed gloss/matte/semi-matte spot varnishes are called for,” says Cavenagh.

    Mutoh’s new XPJ-461UF is a lower-investment cost A3 printer with the same advantages as its A2+ sibling. Both can print thicknesses up to 15cm and can be set-as either CMYK or CMYK + White + Varnish. The varnish inks create unique special effects and embossing, while the white ink allows for easy printing on dark materials. High-quality ADA-approved braille can be achieved using either colours or varnish, or both for the fastest high-build available.

    Supporting World Sight Day and Fred Hollows
    “To celebrate the release of these two amazing printers and their braille capability, Mutoh Australia is supporting World Sight Day this year on 8th October, and donating $500 to the Fred Hollows Foundation for every printer sold between now and 24th December 2020,” reveals Cavenagh. “We work in an industry of visual effects so there is a great synergy between printing, seeing, and working with colour - and restoring sight, which the great Fred Hollows enabled for millions of people!”

    The new Mutoh printers are available through Mutoh Australia’s network of reseller dealers. For more information see: 

  • + Kodak Withdraws From drupa 2021

    Kodak said it has withdrawn from drupa 2021. “Kodak’s commitment to the safety of our employees and c..

    29 September 2020

    Kodak said it has withdrawn from drupa 2021. 
    “Kodak’s commitment to the safety of our employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount. The continued concerns and impacts of the pandemic make it difficult for us to commit resources for such an event in these uncertain times,” said Jim Continenza, executive chairman, Eastman Kodak Company. 
    Kodak will continue to invest in the print industry, doubling down on digital print and delivering the products its customers need to drive productivity and growth as the industry evolves.  

  • + Canon Launches Updated ColorWave and PlotWave Portfolio

    Canon Production Printing Australia have today announced the launch of a new ColorWave and PlotWave printer and plotter ..

    15 September 2020

    Canon Production Printing Australia have today announced the launch of a new ColorWave and PlotWave printer and plotter series. The series features new integrated printing security that offers high tech security features such as safe submission to protect data and user credentials when sending files to the printer.

    Comprising three ColorWave models (3600, 3800 and 9000) and five monochrome PlotWave models (3000, 3500, 5000, 5500 and 7500) featuring the latest security technology, SMARTshield, the range provides safe storage, protecting print data from theft or accidental data leakage; authorisation to restrict access to confidential files, and hack prevention which ensures no one from outside the organisation can access the printer’s files. 

    Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Australia, says “Whether print data is in submission, in storage, or being authorised – SMARTshield ensures that it remains secure.”

    “From R&D departments printing confidential prototypes, to building companies being able to retain plans confidentially to ensure that the actual buildings remain secure, companies need to have confidence that their data is protected.

    “This updated portfolio offers that peace of mind – meeting the highest security standards,” says Nethercott. 

    The series has been designed to support and encourage creativity in all organisations at every stage of the design process - from the visualisation of ideas, through the developmental process to final designs.

    From corporate workspaces, to copy shops and production environments, the printers in these series are designed as sustainable, compact and ergonomic solutions to fit any environment, while also operating quietly to minimise distractions.  The interface is easy to use and can be operated by anyone, whether or not a trained operator.

    Integrating optional finishing and scanning solutions, ColorWave and PlotWave printers now offer a range of fully compatible stackers and folders, any printer in the series can be configured to meet specific requirements and easily produce finished documents.

    Also compatible with both series are scanning solutions for a large range of requirements – the Scanner Express, which can be integrated on top of the PlotWave and ColorWave printers for walk-up prints, and the Scanner Professional, a stand-alone production scanner for maximum quality and productivity that can be integrated with one or more printers.

    Using ClearConnect software, the printers provide a streamlined workflow for any individual print job or complex multi-file document set. By providing active operator warnings and accurate print previews, the software also enables users to make necessary corrections before hitting print, and to submit prints with ease, from any location or device. 

    Designed to save time and speed up the design process, Publisher Select, part of the ClearConnect software suite, eliminates misprints and wasted materials with a ‘what you see is what your print’ preview on your computer desktop. Improving productivity, the software offers dual printer support for a range of Canon’s large format printers and has the functionality to assign specialised media templates to print jobs or individual files within a multi-file print job. 

    Martijn Fransen, Strategy & Marketing Director, Technical Document Systems, Canon Production Printing, comments, “With our long heritage in the large format printing market, Canon is dedicated to continuously developing innovative technology to support our customers’ evolving needs and enable them to confidently print their concepts and designs right first time at a high quality.”

  • + Epson launches its next gen A3+ colour EcoTank multi-function printer

    Epson has launched the EcoTank Pro ET-16600, its second generation wireless all-in-one A3 wide format printer offering l..

    15 September 2020

    Epson has launched the EcoTank Pro ET-16600, its second generation wireless all-in-one A3 wide format printer offering long life cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill supersized ink tanks. The ET-16600 includes enough ink to print many thousands2 of pages straight out of the box,, is powered by PrecisionCore® Heat-Free printing technology and delivers sharp text and colour prints up to A3+ (13" x 19").

    It can also copy and scan pages up to A3 (11" x 17") and features a 500-sheet paper capacity and rear specialty-paper feed, plus a 4.3" colour touchscreen for easy navigation.

    Powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, Epson’s most advanced printhead technology, the  EcoTank Pro ET-16600 multi-function inkjet printer ensures peak A3 productivity and flexible paper handling. It is primarily aimed at home and small office users who require A3 professional quality colour output with sharp text at an affordable cost per page.
    For one upfront price, the Epson ET-16600 prints up to 4,500 pages in black2 and 2,800 pages in colour2 straight out of the box without worrying about ongoing ink replacement and costs.

    That said, if and when you do run out of ink, replacement bottles that only cost from $24.99 hold enough ink for another massive 7,500 pages in black2 and 6,000 pages in colour2.
    At the heart of the ET-16600 is the truly innovative PrecisionCore technology which features Epson’s advanced Thin-Film Piezoelectric (TFP®) elements produced via a MEMS manufacturing process using semiconductor micro-fabrication techniques.
    Forming the foundations of this proprietary technology is the PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip, a digital chip that produces dots at the micron level — 1/100th the size of a human hair. Each nozzle on the printhead delivers up to 50,000 droplets per second and it’s this extraordinary focus on accuracy and detail that enables PrecisionCore to deliver exceptional results.
    For a machine that prints A3+, the ET-16600 is also fast with print speeds of up to 25 ISO ppm for black and white and 12 ISO ppm1 for colour prints that rival and beat many colour laser printers without compromising a single droplet of quality.

    There’s more reasons for packing a greater number of nozzles into a smaller surface area too, as this high-resolution inkjet printhead along with PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, gives users ultra-sharp text, as well as stunning graphics and images — all with smooth gradations on both plain and specialty paper.
    Did someone mention efficiency? The ET-16600 comes with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder and offers duplex print, scan, copy and fax functions. This means the ET-16600 is always ready to print with the two 250-sheet front loading paper trays plus the rear specialty tray to accommodate specialty media. In other words there are more ways for you to get creative by printing on envelopes, labels, card stock and more.

    For those of us who still fax (you’d be surprised how many people do) the ET-16600 can fax as fast as 3 seconds per page, save up to 180 pages in memory, and store up to 200 numbers. Or by using the included PC-Fax software, users can even send a colour fax right from their computer. It’s a great way to save time and paper.
    Using the EcoTank Pro ET-16600 all-in-one has also never been easier — whether in the office, on the road or even across the globe as with its simple wireless connectivity you can connect to your wireless network almost immediately. Even the latest wireless standard, 802.11 n4, is supported.

    Wi-Fi Direct means no router is required enabling users to print from virtually any room anywhere. That said if you’re the type who likes cables, the ET-16600’s built-in Ethernet makes sharing the printer on your network quick and easy with a single wired connection too.
    The EcoTank Pro ET-16600 comes loaded with connectivity convenience in the form of Epson Connect which enables you to print wirelessly from your iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ tablet or smartphone. You can also easily print documents, photos, emails and web pages while in your home, office or on the road and can scan your documents and save them to the cloud for access anytime, anywhere too.

    If you want to share your Google® content you can print on the go from a smartphone or tablet using Google Cloud Print™, with your Gmail™ or Google Drive™ account or print from your Chromebook™ and Google Chrome™ without installing drivers or connecting cables. 

    It’s kind to the environment too as along with the big ink tanks creating zero cartridge waste, the EcoTank Pro ET-16600 includes features such automatic, two-sided printing and copying saving users up to 50% on paper supply.
    In other words the  EcoTank Pro ET-16600 not only provides brilliant results for the home and office, but also a smart value choice for the cost conscious consumer.
    Epson’s new EcoTank Pro ET-16600 is available now via and from all authorised Epson retailers and resellers across Australia with an RRP of $1,699.00


    SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd., the parent of Screen GA (Australia), has announced that it will not to take part in ..

    08 September 2020

    SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd., the parent of Screen GA (Australia), has announced that it will not to take part in the drupa 2021 international printing/media trade show. The decision has been made based on sensible precautions after considering the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing opportunities for virtual experiences provided by new communications technologies.

    With both market and social conditions undergoing such drastic changes, SCREEN GA believes it is essential to accelerate timely communication with our customers and partners. We are continuously creating both virtual and physical communication opportunities designed to ensure the best possible experience.

    Screen GA Australia Managing Director Peter Scott says: “It must have been a hard decision to arrive at but I believe it is the right decision in view of the safety of customers and staff.  Screen has always been a strong supporter of drupa and we have always enjoyed a high number of visitors from Australia and New Zealand. However, the road forward for a safe, pandemic-free Europe is by no means clear and in some areas, a second wave is apparent. Trade shows and especially drupa are all about meeting, networking and socialising and I can’t see this working as early as April 2021, even if planes are flying and borders are quarantine-free.”

    Scott continues: “Personally, I have great fondness for drupa and the way Düsseldorf becomes ‘drupa city’ and welcomes the print and communications world, I will miss it but I fear it will be at least another year before the health and safety situation can be deemed normal. Planning for participating in events such as drupa takes months or years, so the decision had to be made well in advance. Not to have done so would have been an unacceptable gamble. Personal safety comes first and foremost.”

    “I look forward to more certain times and the return of the drupa we know and love!” 

  • + Student’s powerful road safety campaign targeting young drivers goes live in Sydney

    A powerful new road safety campaign by a talented University of Technology Sydney student has gone live across oOh!media..

    01 September 2020

    A powerful new road safety campaign by a talented University of Technology Sydney student has gone live across oOh!media billboards and digital signage in Sydney.

    The campaign is the result of behaviour change program Re:act, which challenges university students to come up with ideas to raise road safety awareness among adults aged 18 to 25 – a demographic almost twice as likely to be killed in a traffic accident than their parents, according to new data from Australian Roads.

    Re:act has partnered with oOh!media to run campaigns across three cities on oOh!’s roadside digital billboards, with Sydney now going live after a recent Brisbane launch, and Melbourne to follow at a later date.

    The creative will also appear on digital displays in retail, higher education and social venues. Provided at no cost, the total media value for all three campaigns is over $850,000, marking a significant contribution to spreading the safety messaging to the wider public.

    The Re:act program is an initiative of creative behaviour change agency Hard Edge. In 2020 it ran at University of Technology Sydney, Swinburne University in Melbourne and, for the first time, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. It also expanded internationally to the University of the Arts London.

    UTS student Ella Mander-Jones was chosen for her campaign drawing the young audience in before delivering a strong and clear message focused on music as a distraction on our roads: ‘Make your playlist killer. Not a killer on our roads’.

    “I wanted to create something different that was on trend for a young target audience,” she said.

    “People around my age are very much into their playlists. ‘Killer’ has a negative connotation but can also be awesome, like a ‘killer’ playlist, so I linked the two to draw people in without them knowing off the mark that you’re talking about road safety.”

    In addition to supporting the campaign through media space, oOh!media also played a pivotal role in the students’ design process, deploying personnel to work with the students as they came up with their ideas, helping shape them for maximum creativity in the Out of Home format while also providing technical support.

    Noel Cook, oOh!media’s Chief Commercial & Operations Officer, said that the company was proud to support Re:act for the second year running.

    “Young drivers have a higher risk of getting into accidents, which is important to be aware of at a time when ongoing COVID-19 issues are forcing more people to drive instead of taking public transport,” he said.

    “This year’s theme is ‘distraction’, and it’s been a revelation to see how these gifted students have translated their objective of keeping drivers focused on the road into creative designs that will strike a chord with their age group.”

    Andrew Hardwick, Re:act founder and CEO, said Re:act’s vision is to give young people a voice in road safety.

    “Young people have an incredible contribution to make in reducing road trauma – statistics they are unfortunately overrepresented in,” he said. “It’s fantastic to see their work being shared in the public domain thanks to this partnership between oOh! and Re:act. This is such an amazing experience and opportunity for the students in their careers.”  

    oOh!’s support for Re:act is part of the company’s broader approach to road safety. In conjunction with the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), oOh! is committed to working closely with governments and authorities to invest in research and make roads safer.

    To find out more about the Re:act program, visit

  • + Kornit Digital Acquires Custom Gateway

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced today the acquisition of Cus..

    18 August 2020

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced today the acquisition of Custom Gateway, an innovative technology provider of cloud-based software workflow solutions for on-demand production business models.

    “I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of Custom Gateway as we augment our market-leading capabilities with their powerful software, which we’ve evaluated thoroughly, including via several strategic customers we share,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital CEO. “Brands, retailers, suppliers, and fulfillers of all sizes stand to grow considerably through digital transformation, and with Custom Gateway, Kornit will revolutionize on-demand digital textile production with a unique end-to-end solution, giving us a powerful competitive advantage in the market.”

    Custom Gateway’s robust and functionality-rich cloud platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C business models and handles all steps of efficient on-demand production. The platform enables content sourcing, creation, content management, and display at the front end. Orders created are captured by a robust order management system and are directed to the appropriate back-end production sites using sophisticated routing algorithms. Once orders proceed to the production floor, they are smartly routed and managed, to allow for efficient on-demand production on a mass scale. The entire process from order creation to shipment is enriched with integrations to existing IT environments, data-driven decisioning, and business intelligence analytics. By seamlessly connecting front end (online or other storefront) to the most suitable back end (on-demand production and logistics operation), the technology enables customers to realize the full efficiency, scalability, and profitability benefits of digitisation.

    Supplementing Kornit’s Konnect platform for visibility and control of print operations, Custom Gateway’s platform offers Kornit customers valuable business insights for agility in the face of market dynamics and disruption.

    Custom Gateway has over 300 active customers globally, including brand names such as the U.K.’s largest fashion retailer Next, as well as other leading sports, fashion, and content brands.

    “We’re excited about bringing these two creative cultures together and know from experience that Kornit and Custom Gateway are built upon a common vision,” said Andrew Talbot, Custom Gateway CEO. “Together, we will provide global brands and fulfillers optimal control of their business, ensuring swift, socially responsible fulfillment, and in a profitable model that produces and ships orders in real time, without excess inventory or labor.”

    “On-demand production is overtaking traditional retail models, and the producers who harness all available data will win the marketplace,” said Omer Kulka, Kornit Digital CMO. “We’re excited to welcome Custom Gateway to the Kornit family, a development that will ultimately give end consumers the products and experiences they expect.”

  • + Rob Mesaros joins Currie Group

    We are excited to announce that Rob Mesaros has joined Currie Group in the newly created position of Strategic Executive..

    18 August 2020

    We are excited to announce that Rob Mesaros has joined Currie Group in the newly created position of Strategic Executive Advisor. Mesaros joins Currie Group after 15 years with HP, many of which were spent abroad, in various senior executive roles.   

    Mesaros says, “Personally, the time has come for my family to return home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at HP, from meeting many wonderful people to experiencing diverse cultures and business environments. I want to thank all of the HP teams I have been a part of, and the many HP channel partners, for providing me with a platform to learn and grow.”

    Most recently Rob served as the Vice President & Head of 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing for Asia Pacific & Japan, and officially started his new role on the 3rd of August, based at Currie Group’s head office in Melbourne.

    Rob will be responsible for reviewing the end to end business operation, with a focus on business planning, and strategic improvement initiatives.  Additionally, Rob will work closely with our staff, key customers and partners to ensure we continue to gear ourselves up for future success. 

    “I am excited to be joining Currie Group in a senior advisory role at such an important time for the company and industries evolution.  I have always respected Currie Group’s vision, and most importantly their attention to driving the right customer centric transformation.  The digital transformation of industries is just heating up, and I’m confident that Currie Group coupled with their Vendors will continue to play an important role in driving that transformation.” 

    “During his 15-year tenure, Rob made very significant contributions to HP in a variety of roles across the region, including as Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand post HP separation in 2015 till May 2018. We thank Rob for his leadership over many years both here in Australia and abroad and we look forward to working closely together at Currie Group,” said Michael Boyle, Managing Director, HP Australia and New Zealand. 

    Currie Group’s Executive Chairman, David Currie welcomes Rob to the team saying, “Currie Group is a long-standing partner with HP and having Rob join the group in the capacity of Strategic Executive Advisor makes sense on many levels. Rob’s experience in running business operations in ANZ and across the region, as well as his deep technical knowledge of the print industry, is complementary to our business model and our future direction. We look forward to working with Rob and all our partners to chart the course for growth and future success.”

  • + HP PageWide Presses Hit 500B Page Milestone

    HP Inc. announced today its inkjet production printing solution, PageWide Web Press, has reached a milestone of 500 bill..

    11 August 2020

     HP Inc. announced today its inkjet production printing solution, PageWide Web Press, has reached a milestone of 500 billion printed pages, as the print platform continues to expand its page capacity driven by global HP print service providers (PSPs).

    “PSPs operating HP PageWide Web Presses are finding new success and opportunities for more sophisticated and profitable digital print applications, as well as transferring more pages from offset to digital inkjet technology,” said Carles Farre, vice president and general manager, HP PageWide Press. “They have more than doubled the number of pages they print on HP PageWide Presses since drupa 2016 for a growth rate that is nearly twice that of the market. More than half of these customers have printed over 1 billion pages on their devices.”

    HP PageWide Web Press is an inkjet leader, reaching a share of more than 30% of the 8.8 billion page capacity added in high-volume color inkjet page capacity in the first quarter of 2020.1

    Growing volume in pages

    PSPs are using PageWide Web Press technology to enable high-volume digital inkjet printing of commercial, publishing, transaction and direct mail applications, as momentum continues worldwide. Notable growth success stories include:

    Hatteras Printing Inc. based in Michigan, US, is growing volume with its investment in the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD, delivering high volume and high quality, from lightweight substrates up to cardstocks. “Versatility capabilities of our equipment has been a big part of our growth,” said John Orlando, vice president of sales & marketing, Hatteras Printing Inc. Hatteras produces, mail and electronically delivers unique printed and digital products for the financial, healthcare, marketing and public sectors.

    GGP Media GmbH, based in Germany, has installed a second HP PageWide Web Press T490 HD. The German company is part of Bertelsmann Printing Group, the leading print service provider in Europe. Annually, GGP produces more than 250 million print products, including bestseller novels, comics and fashion magazines.

    “Not only do we benefit from the new press, but our customers do too. Smaller run sizes can be optimized with the printing technology and we are more flexible and able to significantly reduce time-to-market,” said Christof Ludwig, managing director of GGP Media GmbH. The press was added to deliver on steadily growing demand for digitally printed products alongside decreasing sizes of print runs, as well as to supply backlisted titles. The new press includes HP A55 Thermal Inkjet printhead technology, delivering crisp text quality at 305 meters per minute (1000 feet per minute).

    ProCo, of the UK, installed its first HP PageWide Web Press T240HD a year ago to provide high volume and high-quality direct mail as its scales production. “As a business, we're all about doing new things for customers. Simply by opening up the power of personalization, with the flexibility and the quality of HP color, we’re able to offer a scale of options for our customers that was not possible to deliver prior. As a result, we’re adding massive value to their business, which is just as critical for us,” said Jon Bailey, CEO ProCo. “Now, you no longer have to choose between volume and quality, and you definitely don’t have to choose between what's possible and what's not possible.”

    New capabilities for HP PageWide web presses

    To drive additional page growth through an expanded application range, HP PageWide announced earlier this year its next-generation HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD with HP Brilliant Ink. The press is capable of printing on a wider range of coated and uncoated offset papers for high-volume commercial applications.

    In addition, HP is now announcing a new partnership with Solimar Systems for high-volume document management. The Solimar Chemistry™ Platform, including ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™, Rubika® and SOLitrack™, supports job onboarding, enhancement, and management and delivery of both print and digital communications, including multi-channel document delivery.

    “Through this valuable collaboration, HP customers can now benefit from Solimar’s long-standing technical expertise and market-leading workflow systems,” said Farre. “By integrating Solimar’s solutions, PSPs can fully optimize their workflows, maximize production efficiency and fully utilize the high productivity of their HP technology, ultimately enabling them to be more profitable.”

    With presses from 20 inches to 42 inches and a range of production solutions, HP PageWide production inkjet web presses allow PSPs to meet customer needs for high-quality, high-volume printing, as well as reinventing supply chains to help eliminate distribution and inventory costs. Print-to-Order capability for publishing ensures books, magazines and journals are available and printed with the environment in mind.

    In direct mail and commercial print, HP customers benefit from advanced automation and variable data tools to deliver creative campaigns that are targeted, relevant and boost ROI, which is becoming even more important as marketing budgets shrink and paper and postage costs rise.

    HP Site Flow automates jobs and maximizes efficiency, as well as both Designer and Composer software solutions to give customers the power to create variable data pieces. These pre-press tools allow customers to change text, images, QR codes, versions and finely tune messages to customers.

    To discover how HP PageWide Web Press reinvents inkjet production printing, please visit

  • + Roland DG Assists Customers with New Social Distancing Signage Solutions

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today launched a new sol..

    11 August 2020

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today launched a new solution on the Company’s website designed to assist customers with creating COVID-19 related signage.

    With COVID-19 defining much of 2020, social distancing signage can be found everywhere. From retailers, corporate office spaces, restaurants and schools, signage such as decals, posters, and window and floor graphics, are becoming increasingly important to convey the COVID-19 safety, health and hygiene message. 

    A new section of the Roland DG Australia website, "Social Distancing Signage Solutions", includes detail on various signage solutions for social distancing, and the Roland DG equipment that can create them. Additionally, a range of free social distancing templates are available for customers to download and use to create their signs. 

    "During a time when industries and businesses around the world are suffering, many sign and print companies have found new revenue streams by offering social distancing signage to their customers," said Greg Stone, Product and Marketing Manager at Roland DG Australia. "For those in the print and sign industry who aren’t yet offering this service, or who currently outsource," continues Greg, "there has never been a better opportunity to expand their offering. By providing the tools to create social distancing signage on our website, we hope we can help companies to build their business in both the short and long term." 

    To find out more about social distancing sign making solutions, and download the free templates, go to the website.

  • + Visionary Digital Partner with Graphic Art Supplies in South Australia

    Ian Cleary, National Sales Manager for Visionary Digital, is proud to announce our partnership with Graphic Art Supplies..

    30 July 2020

    Ian Cleary, National Sales Manager for Visionary Digital, is proud to announce our partnership with Graphic Art Supplies in Adelaide effective immediately as distribution  partner for all Visionary Digital and Continental Grafix products for South Australia.
    Graphic Arts Supplies is a locally owned and operated business in South Australia that partners with industry leading suppliers to provide customers the best products and solutions available in the market. The business was reborn 3 years ago after the original owners retired, and their focus since then has been on strengthening and growing the business by specialising and having local in-house experts to assist and support customers.

    Michael Clarke and Steve Murphy, directors of Graphic Art Supplies comments “After researching the local market, we continued to notice demand for specialty and high quality offerings across the flooring and wall space but there was limited choice available. We found Visionary Digital have been a market leader for a number of years and ticked the boxes when it comes to their range of specialty and high quality products and through partnering we aim to develop a better market presence for their products in South Australia.”

    Graphic Art Supplies will be building on existing client relationships to showcase these specialty and high quality products which strengthen their range of wide format media currently available.

    Ian Cleary of Visionary Digital says “Customer satisfaction is a major focus. With increasingly short lead times and requirement for technical support Visionary Digital want to be able to deliver the best service coupled with our market leading products – this means we need the best people to partner with to make this happen. Steve and Michael of Graphic Art Supplies share our passion for customer service – this makes them the perfect partner in South Australia”
    The priority is to keep stock in Graphic Art Supplies Adelaide warehouse for quick dispatch to better serve the local market as well as give customers the chance to see the products on display in their showroom
 - 08 8363 4466 – 1300 518 050

  • + Heidelberg sells Gallus for €120m

    Heidelberg has agreed to sell off label printing wing Gallus as part of its ongoing strategy to focus on its core sheetf..

    27 July 2020

    Heidelberg has agreed to sell off label printing wing Gallus as part of its ongoing strategy to focus on its core sheetfed business.

    The relationship between the two companies stretches back more than twenty years. Heidelberg acquired a 30% stake in Gallus in 1999, and took over full ownership of the Switzerland-headquartered label printing specialist six years ago.

    That deal resulted in Gallus owner Ferdinand Rüesch becoming Heidelberg’s largest single shareholder at the time, after he accepted Heidelberg shares for a large chunk of the business.

    Heidelberg’s share price was €2.57 then, but has since descended to an all-time-low and has been trading at less than €1 since the end of January, falling to €0.48 at one point.

    The deal to sell Gallus to Swiss-headquartered Benpac Holding was announced yesterday evening (22 July) after the close of trading.

    Benpac is a privately-owned group that has grown through a number of acquisitions. Last year it acquired Muller Martini’s manufacturing facility in Stans, Switzerland, where Benpac is headquartered. The group employs around 3,150 people and is “primarily active in the USA and Asia”.

    Former Heidelberg chief technology officer Stephan Plenz, who officially left the press manufacturer on 30 June, joined Benpac Holding’s board of directors on 1 July.

    Heidelberg is selling the Gallus business for €120m and expects to make a gain of “mid two-digit million-euro” on the deal, which should be finalised by the end of the year.

    One label industry expert commented: “It was a big shock for me, I always thought Gallus was one of the bright parts of Heidelberg. It really seems that they are focusing right down on core business, which is probably what they should be doing in tough times. It looks like a good price.”

    Heidelberg will continue to supply the digital printing unit and consumables for the Labelfire digital press.

    Chief executive Rainer Hundsdörfer said Heidelberg would still be active in label printing via its sheetfed offset offering.

    “We are selling our narrow-web rotary and rotary flexographic printing activities to focus more closely on innovative solutions for the entire printed sheet value chain. We will be retaining our in-house digital expertise and, by collaborating with Benpac on the Gallus Labelfire, we will also be making further progress with the digitization of conventional presses,” he stated.

    The deal incorporates related businesses across five sites, employing around 430 staff: Gallus Holding and Gallus Ferd. Rüesch in St Gallen Switzerland, and German operations Gallus Druckmaschinen in Langgöns, Heidelberg Web Carton Converting in Weiden in der Oberpfalz, and Menschick Trockensysteme in Renningen.

    The sale is subject to approval and the meeting of certain conditions.

    Heidelberg’s CERM narrow web MIS business is not part of the deal, but the disposal of Gallus has raised a question mark over its future within the group if Heidelberg continues to dispose of non-core businesses.

    Heidelberg said that Ferdinand Rüesch would remain with the Gallus business and was still the second biggest shareholder of Heidelberg (behind Masterwork Group) and a member of its supervisory board. “He is supporting this transaction,” a spokesman said.

    Heidelberg posted a huge net loss of €343m on sales down 5.7% at just under €2.35bn in the year to 31 March, and CFO Marcus Wassenberg said the deal would be “a big help” in improving the group’s financial position.

    “Our aim is to ensure the long-term financial stability of Heidelberg, and all the measures since our transformation started in March this year have been geared toward this objective,” he said.

    “Selling the Gallus Group is another key part of our realignment and follows on from the successes we have achieved so far during the transformation process. This further major boost to our liquidity and group equity will be a big help, especially during the coronavirus crisis.”

    Heidelberg held its AGM today. Shares rose by nearly 7% to €0.68 following the Gallus news.

    At the AGM, Hundsdörfer said: “We are pressing ahead with the realignment and making great strides: reducing net financial debt, strengthening equity, streamlining the organisation and focusing on profitable core activities.”

  • + SAKATA INX Group and Global Inkjet Systems to Collaborate on Inkjet Projects Worldwide

    SAKATA INX Group (SAKATA INX Corp., INX International Ink Co. and INX Digital EMEA) and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) anno..

    20 July 2020

    SAKATA INX Group (SAKATA INX Corp., INX International Ink Co. and INX Digital EMEA) and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) announced today their plans to collaborate on industrial inkjet projects worldwide.

    SAKATA INX and GIS will work together on specific projects, leveraging SAKATA INX’s ink expertise and access to large end users and major OEMs, and GIS’s expertise in providing complete workflow solutions for industrial inkjet applications.

    SAKATA INX and GIS believe that working closely together at the early stages of large strategic projects will be beneficial to the customer. Both companies have close links with printhead manufacturers, and printhead and ink selection are critical factors during the development phase – particularly for applications such as packaging, which have very demanding print requirements and regulatory conditions.

    Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, GIS said, “At the start of any new project, we discuss whether a suitable ink has been identified for the application and substrate. It is often an afterthought and yet is so critical to the success of a project. So, when SAKATA INX approached GIS last year to discuss a more integrated collaboration on some key projects, we were happy to agree. Together, we can offer a powerful proposition to finding solutions to complex and demanding projects – helping companies transition from analog to digital printing.”

    Hiroshi Morita, Senior Executive Officer, General Manager, Digital & Specialty Products Div. SAKATA INX said, “SAKATA INX is uniquely positioned to assist its customers with the right digital inks, consultation and service for a wide variety of applications employing an even wider array of digital printers and substrates. We selected GIS as a key partner to provide complete workflow solutions for industrial digital printing. GIS and SAKATA INX see opportunities to collaborate in several sectors and engage on projects with potential customers.”

  • + drupa starts in 2021 with shortened runtime: April 20-28

    drupa, the world's leading trade fair for printing technologies, has decided to reduce the duration of the trade fair fr..

    17 July 2020

    drupa, the world's leading trade fair for printing technologies, has decided to reduce the duration of the trade fair from eleven to nine days for 2021. By doing so, it is responding to the wishes of the partner association VDMA (Printing and Paper Technology Trade Association) and many exhibitors to make the trade fair presentation more efficient and to concentrate the volume of visitors in a targeted manner. This is also in reaction to any continuing travel activities and restrictions.

    "Since we are currently assuming that fewer visitors from overseas will be able to travel to drupa 2021, we consider a reduction from eleven to nine days to be sensible in order to direct visitor flows more efficiently. At the same time, the duration of nine days ensures that running machines can still be shown, which is a unique selling point of drupa," explains drupa President Claus Bolza-Schünemann.

    Despite some corona-related cancellations, the current booking status remains at a high level with over 1,500 exhibitors and a net hall space of more than 140,000 sqm. This once again underlines the industry's confidence in the international appeal of the event and the need for face-to-face meetings, acquisition of new customers or live presentation of running machines still exists. "Many of our customers also see it as their own responsibility to strengthen the industry and provide important impulses personally on site," says drupa Director Sabine Geldermann.

    In order to guarantee a professional and safe trade fair as usual, drupa not only adapted the general conditions but also relies on a hygiene and infection protection concept that is continuously adapted to the latest corona protection regulations and official requirements. Sabine Geldermann points out: "The character of drupa in 2021, due to the pandemic and hygiene regulations, will certainly be different from what we are used to, but it will continue to make a very important contribution to the economic recovery.”
    Additional information on Messe Düsseldorf's hygiene and infection protection concept can be found at

  • + Epson takes Premium Partner Program to new levels with significant business creation opportunities and rewards for all members

    Under new MD Craig Heckenberg’s stewardship during these recent challenging times, Epson has made serious moves to..

    14 July 2020

    Under new MD Craig Heckenberg’s stewardship during these recent challenging times, Epson has made serious moves to strengthen and expand its business in Australia. The latest of these is the launch of Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program, designed specifically to offer significant benefits to current partners, attract new partners and critically, to create business and growth opportunities for all members.

    He added, “Our new Premium Partner Program is something we see that will be at the core of our business moving forward. The principles that underpin the program are simple – we are building serious, long-term relationships with all of our partners. As a result, each partner will achieve a status tier within the program and the appropriate rewards that come with that status. At the end of the day our Premium Partner Program creates opportunities for Epson and our partners to mutually grow our businesses.”
    As a business-building exercise, special attention has been given to the structure and rewards that come with being a part of the new Premium Partner Program.
    Most notably are the sales, marketing and financial benefits which include marketing support that is commensurate with their status tier and invitations to Epson events both locally and overseas.

    Heckenberg continued, “At Epson we believe in nurturing our key partnerships with the ethos being, if our partners’ businesses grow, we grow with them. That’s the true essence of a partnership and indeed of our partner program. The benefit of the new Premium Partner Program is that the opportunity to join and be part of it is now open to all partners and potential partners across all areas of our business, including in our ultra-growth area of B2B enterprise solutions.”
    As a member of Epson’s new Premium Partner Program the tangible benefits are many and varied.
    There are financial incentives including special project support that enable partners to win more business.
    The further sales benefits include access to dedicated Epson sales and pre-sales support, access to exclusive promotions, access to and generous discounts on demonstration equipment and premium sales lead referrals.
    Marketing benefits include shared marketing funds, access to in-depth product and sales training material, complimentary Epson merchandise, access to the comprehensive Channel Epson website, being highlighted on the where-to-buy listing on Epson’s main website and eligibility to participate in key Epson events.
    Then there’s service and support. As a member of the new Premium Partner Program companies have direct access to a dedicated technical support team with bespoke service and support training programs, service manuals, spare parts and service tools.
    The Premium Partner Program is an initiative that Craig Heckenberg is not only proud of but one he truly believes will work to significantly grow Epson Australia’s business and the businesses of its valued partners.
    He concluded, “We now have a Premium Partner Program that truly has something to offer to all of our partners. Epson is expanding. Our product portfolio is growing. We now have more products and more solutions in more market areas and segments than ever before. The Premium Partner Program is our way of sharing the investment we make in our business every day with our partners so they can grow their business with us in the very best way possible – as a partnership.”
    Epson’s new Premium Partner Program has three status tiers, Epson Premium Partner, Premium Partner Program Gold and Premium Partner Program Platinum.
    To sign up for or get more information on Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program go to:

  • + Epson helps raise the bar and the entries at The Pano Awards 2020

    The Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the craft and art of panoramic photography and is the world’s ..

    13 July 2020

    The Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the craft and art of panoramic photography and is the world’s largest competition devoted to the genre. It’s also a competition that with Epson’s help has grown larger every year and the 2020 awards are no exception.

    Curator David Evans explained, “This year’s number of entries, compared to last year, in the first few weeks alone have risen by over 50% and we're so thrilled that the photographic community is getting behind the awards to this degree. I have to say that a major reason for this success is Epson’s continued support and the amazing prizes they supply for the winners.”
    The 2020 competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers and aside from a $10,000 cash prize, Epson have also provided prizes that include an Epson SureColor P7070 printer, an Epson SureColor P5070 printer and an Epson EB-1781W ultra-slim projector.
    Epson GM marketing Bruce Bealby said, “Epson is delighted that we are able to support this creative and meaningful outlet that so many wonderful photographers are embracing in these challenging times. Epson has a long, rich and successful history in the photographic industry. We also enjoy close relationships with photographers of all levels from aspiring to amateur to professional, many of whom choose to print and project their images on Epson products. Hence the prizes we are offering The Pano Awards this year.”

    The Epson SureColor-P7070 is a 24" (610mm) large format printer and the SureColor P5070 is a 17" (432mm) large format printer both of which are designed for premium photo, fine art, proofing and packaging design. They support a wide range of standard and specialist media in roll and sheet formats and feature a PrecisionCore® Thin Film (TFP) head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology™ that enables the output of images in high resolution with superior fidelity and tonal gradation.
    Both printers use Epson’s latest UltraChrome® HDX all-pigment aqueous ink for accurate colour with an enhanced gamut, Dmax and image durability. The printers also use a 10 colour ink configuration with two levels of black, a choice of a third black or alternative Violet ink for outstanding colour and black and white prints with up to 99% PANTONE® coverage.

    Its ultra-slim design, radiant widescreen performance and easy wireless connectivity make the Epson EB-1781W the ultimate choice in portable projectors. It delivers value, convenience and performance and easily delivers brilliant content from any widescreen notebook with native WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. Couple that with 3200 lumens colour and white light output and the results are truly amazing.

    David Evans concluded, “Epson's photo and fine art printers have long set the standard for colour and black and white image reproduction. Whether you are producing commercial photo prints, wedding albums, school photos or gallery-ready artwork, Epson has an excellent printing solution for you. The printers and projector that Epson are giving our winners as prizes this year are perfectly suited to printing panoramic photographs and as everyone knows, a fantastic panoramic photograph can only be truly appreciated if it is printed on a high quality printer or projected on a high quality projector.”
    Early bird entries for The Pano awards are open now. To enter go to:

  • + Alfex Laser Offers Exclusive Offers on Engraving Materials Upon Launch of Online Store

    Now you can order engraving materials on the go – click and collect or deliver to you Australia-wide. After o..

    06 July 2020

    Now you can order engraving materials on the go – click and collect or deliver to you Australia-wide.

    After offering a large variety of engraving materials to existing laser customers, Alfex Laser has opened its engraving materials shop to all of Australia.

    Alfex Laser, a division of Alfex CNC Australia, announces today the launch of Alfex Laser Engraving Materials. Alfex Laser has Australia’s largest range of laser systems for cutting, marking and engraving.

    Their wide range of laser engraving materials, once only available exclusively to Alfex Laser customers, will now be available Australia-wide through the easy to use online store. In addition to acrylics, engineered plastics, bamboo and hardwood, Alfex Laser has extended their range to include laserable plywoods – an increasingly popular material for laser users.

    Alfex Laser’s range of quality acrylics suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving includes highly pigmented pastels, acrylic mirror and acrylic glitters. Acrylic is available in a 3mm thickness, suitable for most retail use such as signage, cake toppers, gifts, toys and more.

    Gemini Duets engineered engraving plastics are well known for their high-quality substrates, are now available at competitive prices exclusively through Alfex Laser. The highly sought after Red on White Laser XT is the only red engraving substrate that doesn’t run onto the white bottom layer, leaving a clean definition between the colours.

    The Duets product range includes Duets Contours, Duets Rotary, Duets Laser Indoor, Duets Laser XT, Duets Tactiles and Duets XT Reverse. These high quality engraving substrates are key materials for the signage, trophy and awards industry.

    New to the online store is a growing range of high-grade laserable plywood. Currently available in 3mm and 2.5mm thickness, the laserable plywood range is the ideal material for cake toppers, key tags, invitations, jewellery, plaques, signage and much more. 

    Alfex Laser provides a custom service to tailor the sheet size for the bed size of your laser cutting machine. Purchase full sheets or quarter sheets and have them cut in advance, reducing wastage and offcuts.

    For those new to laser cutting, Alfex Laser is offering new Laser Starter Pack. Packs include the most popular laser engraving and laser cutting products, acrylics, engraving plastics, hardwoods, plywoods and accessories ideal for those wanting to try a variety of products without purchasing large sheets or quantities.

    To celebrate the launch, Alfex Laser is offering 10% off all first orders placed online. Use code online10 in the checkout. Code expires 11:59pm, Friday July 10th 2020.

    Shop now by visiting

    “It is with great excitement that we announce the official launch of Alfex Laser Engraving Materials,” said Jordan Buhagiar, Laser Division Manager. “Customers have been testing the store behind the scenes over the last few months with great feedback. Taking our engraving materials business online has allowed us to expediate the fulfilment process and reduce overheads - the savings of which we have passed onto our customers with lower prices and flat rate shipping.” 


    With over 1,400 installations worldwide in high volume environments such as data centres, print service providers and sp..

    06 July 2020

    With over 1,400 installations worldwide in high volume environments such as data centres, print service providers and specialised commercial printers, Canon’s ColorStream series has been recognised by customers across the globe as a productive and reliable solution for printing large volumes of a diverse range of mail, publishing and commercial applications.

    A key consideration for many commercial printers when looking to invest in digital inkjet technology is the level of quality that a digital print solution can offer compared with existing devices.
    Richard Vaughan, General Manager of Perth Based business services provider, Zipform Digital, highlighted why quality was a deciding factor when the company invested in the ColorStream.

    “Zipform invested in full colour inkjet technology way back in 2005 with Kodak. In 2012 we tested the market with all the inkjet web providers and selected the Colorstream technology. Our decision was based on a number of factors but the most contributing influence in our decision was trust, and we felt that Canon Production Printing could deliver on what they promised” said Mr Vaughan. “Over 7 years later I can confirm it was the right decision. Implementation was high risk as it was rip out and replace. The Canon Production Printing team was professional and experienced in this, it was a smooth transition with no interruption to our critical essential mail services.

    “The Print Engines have been bullet proof over these years and in particular the print head technology has proven to be highly available, stable and consistent. The print quality was ahead of its game in 2012 and today still provides us the quality that our customers expect in 2020.”

    Canon Production Printing Australia boasts that with the ColorStream 6000, customers can be assured of 94% uptime. Operators no longer have to intervene during production, so staff have additional time to focus on exploring new market opportunities and growing the business.

    Richard Vaughan goes on to comment “We have been able to migrate 100% of our essential mail production to the Colorstream, reducing the requirement for toner based print engines. Due to its considerable ability to print large volume work, we have been successful in migrating very high volume jobs that were previously a mix of commercial print and variable overprint, particularly for government work. We also gang up small volume work to run after each other, it truly is a very flexible technology.”

    Customers have also commented on the ease-of-use of the printer, reducing manual intervention and increasing production efficiencies. This was a key reason for investing in the ColorStream for Melbourne based printer, ABCorp. Troy Croft, Plant Manager, ABCorp, explains, “The ease of use and high uptime availability of the Colorstream 3900 units ensure consistently high productivity levels. The units are extremely reliable and have very little day to day maintenance requirements ensuring production time is maximised and operator input limited.”

    Since its introduction in 2011, Canon Production Printing have built on a decade of experience with the highly productive series, comprising the ColorStream 3000, 3000Z and 6000 series. Canon Production Printing estimate printing volumes of over 300 billion A4 pages across the globe, producing a mix of printed output such as bank statements, direct mailings, pharmaceutical leaflets and books.
    The system has proved to be particularly popular in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Australia and the USA, and over 40% of customers have installed more than one device, with one German customer having 18 towers across three production sites.

    Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Oceania, comments, “Since launching the ColorStream series, we’ve listened closely to the feedback of our customers and have continuously evolved the product series based on their needs. We are therefore encouraged to see that market demand for the ColorSteam series, now in its third generation, continues to be extremely positive.
    “When we introduced the first printer in the range, it revolutionised digital inkjet technology and we’re proud to have remained the global market leader. By maintaining a close dialogue with our customers, we are able to ensure that we are meeting their requirements, with the highest reliability, productivity and quality.

    “Each ColorStream can be tailored to a buyer’s needs – from speed and colour to custom inks and tailored inline finishing integration. There are so many optional upgrades to customise the ColorStream to specific customer requirements. We guarantee every buyer gets the right solution suited for their business needs to help them achieve growth.”