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RUOK Today?

12-Sep-2019 Today is national RUOK Day, so it's the perfect time to check in with your colleagues, family and friends to see how they're coping with life's ups and downs.

It can be hard to know the signs that might indicate a problem - in fact, RUOK Day organisers say 63% of us aren't confident we could recognise the signs that someone is struggling...which stops 41% of us asking someone 'RUOK?'.

Happily, most of us would be more confident if we did know what to look for - which is why this year, the focus of the day is on recognising the signs, trusting our gut, and having those important conversations.

There are plenty of resources on the RUOK website, including a fantastic e-Book which we've made available on the Visual Connections website - just click on the link in the sidebar on our home page. To find out more, or download resources for your own company or group, go to - remember, checking this out could safe a life.

If you are not feeling okay yourself, remember it's okay to reach out for help. Try to chat with someone today and let them know you're struggling - feelings don't last forever, and help is often just a conversation away. If you feel your story is too big or heavy to share with your workmates, friends and families, there are organisations you can call on.

Lifeline (24/7)
13 11 14

Beyond Blue (24/7)
1300 224 636

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