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Top Ten Reasons Industry Expos Deliver Real ROI

11-Jul-2019 Is it worth making time to go to industry expos? In the lead-up to this year's premier event for the print, graphics, signage and packaging industries, we take a look at what return those who do attend can expect on their investment of time and resources.

PrintEx19, and its co-located expos Visual Impact and Label + Packaging Expo, are due to open in just over a month's time, and it's a fair bet that many businesses - particularly those in Sydney - will find their way to the Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park sometime during the week of 13-16 August. But with businesses running lean, it can be tricky to set aside time for trade shows and events - particularly if you're not a Sydney local. The evidence, however, shows that those who do make the effort to attend consistently value the experience. Here are the Top Ten reasons* why:
  1. To keep abreast of industry trends.
  2. To look for new products and evaluate new technologies
  3. To look for new or alternative suppliers
  4. To see my existing suppliers
  5. To get new ideas and inspiration for the future
  6. To learn from seminars and forum sessions
  7. To make purchasing decisions or source new products
  8. To network with colleagues, competitors and business partners
  9. To find the solutions to specific challenges in my business
  10. To place orders and take advantage of show deals 
More importantly, the vast majority of visitors – 80 – 90% of visitors surveyed after recent print, sign and display expos in Australia said they were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the experience, and how their expectations were met.Overwhelmingly, business owners who set aside time to attend industry expos consider that time well spent. 

Sometimes, it's the ability to see and compare technologies side-by-side as a final check on an investment decision. Sometimes it's a chance to gauge the support and commitment they'll receive from various suppliers. Sometimes, it's simply a chance to browse what's available - what have I missed? what's new? what direction should my business take?

The temptation to concentrate on the day-to-day is compelling. After all, for most of us, there's always too much to do, and too few hours in the day. Yet we're also reminded that it's a mistake to spend so much time 'in' the business that we ignore the opportunity to spend time 'on' the business.

Above all, industry expos give you the opportunity to do just that. To step away from the distractions of the daily routine and take a broader view. Seeing industry trends first-hand has the tendency to put your own business in context. It highlights where your customers are going - and where your business could go. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can discover something you had never previously considered - something that could quite literally be a game-changer for your business.

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive market, industry expos like PrintEx provide connections, information, expertise, assistance and ideas, all under one roof. Which means that in all likelihood, you’ll get to tick a number of those objectives off if you make the time to attend PrintEx19 – and that’s real ROI.

There's still time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by PrintEx19 - click here to register for the show and check out the full PrintEx Forum program here.

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