Afinia Label and Sihl announce BS 5609 certification of L501 printer

28 May 2019

Afinia Label, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial colour label printing and finishing equipment, in conjunction with Sihl, Inc., are announcing the certification of BS 5609 (Section Three) from Smithers Pira for the L501 label printer, with pigment ink, when using PICOFILM O-60 White XM1 BOPP (polypropylene) label material.

Compliance with BS5609, the British Standard for pressure sensitive adhesive warning labels required for hazardous chemical containers shipped by sea, ensures labels stay intact, and remain legible. In the event of a maritime accident, durable labelling is crucial in keeping responders safe from injury and aiding in rapid containment and clean up of potential environmental hazards.

In order to meet this Section 3 standard, the specific printer, ink formula and label material must be tested. All aspects of the printed label, including ink, and label base material, must meet minimum durability benchmarks. This testing evaluates the permanence of the print through abrasion and submersion in salt water for a period of 90 days.

The Afinia Label L501 Duo Ink Color Label Printer’s ability to produce BS 5609-certified and GHS (Globally Harmonised System) labels keeps chemical manufacturers compliant with OSHA mandates. The consequences for failing to comply with these standards include significant fines, penalties and the possibility of irreparable damage to a manufacturer’s reputation.

Sihl offers a coated BOPP film for aqueous inkjet printing with PicoFilm O-60 white XM1 from the Facestock range for this purpose. Within the framework of the new GHS standards (globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals), the product is ideally suited for the labelling of hazardous goods transported by sea. It is characterised in particular by its high resistance to abrasion and water.

Mike Atkins, national sales manager of Afinia Label, says, “Afinia is pleased to offer a fully compliant solution to companies needing to properly and safely label products. The pigment-based inks used in the L501 along with certified materials have proven durability. The L501’s ability to print media up to 8.65" wide delivers flexibility for labeling small containers, industrial drums and everything in between.”

In addition to its high-durability pigment inks, the L501 is compatible with dye inks that give labels maximum colour vibrancy. The L501 is best suited for small- to medium-sized print runs. It can print large labels with a media width up to 8.65" (219.7 mm) wide. The L501 uses separate CMYK ink cartridges that contribute to a lower cost per label, since only colours that are empty need to be replaced. It is also available in a fanfold-compatible version.

In-house printing offers opportunities to save time, save money and reduce waste. By printing labels in-house, it is possible to create clean, professional labels that are easy to modify. With in-house label printers, it is possible to design and create labels for different types of packaging that specific products require.