AstroNova introduces range of grass paper labels

30 April 2019

This new paper, made from grass, provides an eco-friendly label material for organic product brand owners. This label is usable on a wide range of product types (foodstuff, cosmetics, wine, pet foods) and is particularly suitable for labeling clothing.

The manufacturing process for conventional wood pulp uses 6,000 litres of water per ton – compared to 1 litre used in the production of this grass-based product; known under the reference 261. It has a permanent adhesive for small surfaces on a variety of substrates. This general-purpose adhesive is approved for direct foodstuff contact and has been awarded ISEGA Institute certification. As an option, AstroNova can also provide an acrylic dispersion adhesive, which is removable without leaving residue, from a variety of substrates.

The light brown colour of Grass paper means that a vintage-style label can be achieved without the need for additional processing.