Colordyne Technologies launches laser finishing system

27 May 2018

Colordyne Technologies launches laser finishing system

Colordyne Technologies, a digital labels and packaging equipment manufacturer, has introduced the 2800 Series Mini Laser, an off-line or near-line finishing system. The new addition to Colordyne's suite of solutions marks the first of the company's finishing-only product offerings.

The 2800 Series Mini Laser features the same reliable finishing technology as Colordyne's 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro. It laminates, laser diecuts and removes matrix waste in a single pass. This solution is ideal for accompanying roll-to-roll digital printers, such as the 2600 Series Mini Press, to complete the short run, custom label and tag production process.

"Other companies sell digital label and packaging equipment. We sell digital label and packaging solutions," says Andrew Matter, president of Colordyne Technologies. "We have brand owners and private label manufacturers using our digital printers that typically source pre-diecut material from outside vendors because they do not have the space or resources to manage a multitude of dies. We wanted to provide a solution for these customers to bring label finishing in-house to take full control of their label production."

The 2800 Series Mini Laser is suitable for finishing labels off-line or near-line, and it can create custom diecut blank labelstock for use on digital benchtop solutions. Since it uses a laser for diecutting instead of traditional rotary or blade cutting, it can produce more jobs in less time, with lower consumable costs, the company says. The laser technology eliminates the need for expensive dies and knives, making it a more cost-effective solution long term.

The 2800 Series Mini Laser offers a max cut width of 7.87" and a max cut length of 47.24" with speeds up to 60 fpm. It allows users to easily and affordably execute complex cuts in any quantity to create custom labels.

Like Colordyne's digital print systems, the 2800 Series Mini Laser features an intuitive and visual user interface that allows operators to make cutting adjustments on-the-fly. Transitioning from one cut to another is completed quickly with its built-in job library that allows users to save and reopen diecuts on-press. Setup times between jobs are nearly eliminated compared to traditional finishing.

"Every product we engineer has our customers in mind," adds Matter. "We decided to offer the 2800 Series Mini Laser for companies that do more than labeling such as brand owners and private label manufacturers. There was a gap in the market for this type of application, so we stepped in to fill it."

The 2800 Series Mini Laser can fit anywhere from a press warehouse to an office, thanks in part to its compact size and low level of noise. While this solution is user friendly enough for companies new to packaging production to operate, it laminates and cuts with the precision needed for converters.