Miyakoshi unveils new inkjet label printer

03 September 2019

Japanese offset specialist Miyakoshi will unveil its new small-footprint printer supporting small run label production and showcase an improved MLP-C model at upcoming Labelexpo Europe this month.

Miyakoshi will present its new LED-UV inkjet printer MJP13LXV able to run at the speed up to 50m/min and 1200 X 1200 DPI resolution. The new press can be set with up to six colours and is designed to work with LED-UV inks. The company equipped it with pinning drying technology between colour applications and LED curing system. The latter is powered by Miyakoshi’s nitrogen purging technology, which reduces the odour and improves the drying process. At the end of the production line, the substrates are finally passed through a chill roller for finishing and colour fixing.

The company will be also showcasing an improved MLP-C model, equipped with UV dryers and chill rollers. This semi-rotary web offset press runs at 101m/min with a repeat length of 406,4mm. Miyakoshi introduced cold start and automatic plate change on this model to reduce substrate waste and improve timings on changeovers. Target applications are label runs between 500 - 30.000m, requiring different processes and finishes in-line. MLP-C is available in 350mm and 420mm web widths.