Currie Group Announces Organisational Re-structure as Phillip Rennell Leaves

19 February 2021

Newly appointed Currie Group CEO, Rob Mesaros announces a development in the company’s business model and through a new organisational plan, a milestone decision for the company has been reached.

After playing a key role in many landmark moments across twenty years of dedicated service, Sales and Marketing Director, Phillip Rennell and Currie Group, have agreed the time is right to part ways.  

“Changes big and small continuously happen around us – in society, personally and in business. It is an important part of evolution”, Rob Mesaros says. “However, in today’s always on and connected world, the velocity and impact is more pronounced than ever. Changing industry dynamics requires ongoing change necessary for the success and benefit of our customers,” Rob says.  

With its unparalleled service coverage, cutting-edge technology and strong partnerships, Currie Group is poised to thrive well into the future. 

Effective immediately, Phillip’s role as Sales and Marketing Director will no longer carry forward.  Consequently, sales and customer management of the commercial segment will fold into the broader responsibility of Bernie Robinson, in his capacity as Managing Director of the Commercial Division.

Phillip Rennell says, “I’ve had an incredible journey for the last 20 plus years. I have shared many great memories with customers and suppliers alike. I could not have imagined the strong relationships forged along the way and take many of them with me on the next phase of my career.”

Currie Group would like to thank Phillip for his immeasurable contribution and service and wish him the very best for the future.